Underwater AmberJacks

Slow Jigging in deep water

Fish for Slow Jigging in deep water by Numata, who is an expert in Slow Jigging in Japan and a designer of Palms products. Slow Jigging is getting spread worldwide but few anglers know the correct way of fishing. This film gives you the answer.
Angler: Numata from Angler’s Republic.

Metaljig Revolution! Shore jigging [SeaRide] by BlueBlue

You ve never see this AMAZING slide&fall action!!
How can we call it? Dolphin Fin Sliding action?!? cannot describe, just see it!
SeaRide makes your jig fishing more fun and more dynamic.
When you “jerk” the rod easily, SeaRide moves slide action very sharply and attracts varieties of fish eaters’ interest by its ever-changing movement.
You may see the fact with your own eyes that there exists many fishes that you couldn’t catch with “usual metal jig.”

[Product Lineup]
20g, 30g, 40g, 60g

– Created by the monster in Japanese Seabass Fishing world, Masanori Muraoka.
New Fishing Lure Brand, “BuleBlue” -To all people who love the sea-

[BlueBlue website]

Slow Pitch JIgging Okinawa, May 28 2014

Japanese Angler’s Secrets
Sharing the fast growing game of slow pitch jigging.

ULTIMATE FISHING – Heli Kingfish Adventure

Published on Mar 18, 2014

We fly onto a Far North rock location, with Heliops, in search of a big kingi from the rocks. It’s a full on day of action that has a dramatic big kingfish finale.

ULTIMATE FISHING – The Ultimate Burley Trail!

Published on Feb 4, 2014

This week sees Matt targeting a couple of NZ’s most underutilized fish species; the skipjack and albacore tuna. Whilst attempting to demonstrate the versatility of these under-appreciated fish, the team are pestered by packs of pesky marlin, and come across some gigantic schools of balling baitfish which have to be seen to be believed.