Haim catch 10 KG Grouper on Live Bait

Land based snapper fishing Part II

The survivors are still stranded out on the rocks…. Tension is building and fierce competitiveness for the biggest fish threatens to ruin their friendship. This episode has all the full-on action and stunning footage that the Ultimate Fishing Show is Famous for — but you’ll get a few laughs too!

Land based snapper fishing

Matt and a couple of his mates head out to a small rocky island loaded with fish but get stranded when the boat drifts way. Get a few laughs as the guys take the mickey out of the survivor TV series while catching a heap of big fish off the rocks.

ULTIMATE FISHING – Old School Snapper Fishing

Big Snapper in Shallow Water
The hands down viewer’s choice from the first series. Watch as mega sized snapper nail dead baits and live baits before your eyes. And pick up some very handy tips on how to land that big snapper you’ve dreamed of!

When Fish Attack Back Compilation

Very Funny, Extremely Dangerous, When Fish Attack Back Compilation. The best attacks on Chew On This Saltwater Fishing Show. http://chewonthis.tv/rates.html Book your fishing Charter here. This Compilation of videos has had videos that have featured over 12 million views on Youtube. Enjoy the fun frights. Cape Coral, Sanibel, Ft. Myers Florida Charters


The Big Day Out
This was a day to remember, we set out on a 140 nautical mile round trip in a seven meter boat, on our hit list was big kingfish, big giant bass, mako sharks, blue marlin and black marlin… it would be one big day if we encountered it all in a day, and we got off to an amazing start. Try not to be bamboozled by the full-on action, because there is plenty of tips and tricks woven in too.


.Clash of the Titans; 130lb standup tackle, 70lbs drag, 1000lb bluefin, there can only be one winner. Filmed Prince Edward Island, Canada August 2013. Incredible sound and vision experience. Full fight.

Tonno 80 kg a traina con il vivo!

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