ULTIMATE FISHING – Old School Snapper Fishing

Big Snapper in Shallow Water
The hands down viewer’s choice from the first series. Watch as mega sized snapper nail dead baits and live baits before your eyes. And pick up some very handy tips on how to land that big snapper you’ve dreamed of!


The Big Day Out
This was a day to remember, we set out on a 140 nautical mile round trip in a seven meter boat, on our hit list was big kingfish, big giant bass, mako sharks, blue marlin and black marlin… it would be one big day if we encountered it all in a day, and we got off to an amazing start. Try not to be bamboozled by the full-on action, because there is plenty of tips and tricks woven in too.


.Clash of the Titans; 130lb standup tackle, 70lbs drag, 1000lb bluefin, there can only be one winner. Filmed Prince Edward Island, Canada August 2013. Incredible sound and vision experience. Full fight.

Tonno 80 kg a traina con il vivo!

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White Grouper and AmberJack on Bait

4KG of White grouper on Live Bait

Baby AmberJack on Dead Bait

Big Baits for Big Giant Trevally!! Fishing video!!

http://www.reefari.com This fishing video, big baits for Big giant trevally shows some tips on how to catch the monster Giant trevally, We hooked a monster but unfortunately the Giant trevally reefed us or weakened the 130lb braid on the hull. Plenty of big GT’s out on the Hardline, but very hard to stop. Mike had a go on the Tuff Tackle and the boys jumped in the Dory, now this was one hell of a fish, towing a 14 foot dory and three blokes, towed into the dark at a couple of knots.
That’s GT fishing and very hard to catch the Big ones. Giant trevally will often come around the boats at the anchorage looking for a easy feed. With live trout boats filleting there catch the GT’s will eat the frames. It’s an amazing sight to See Giant trevally swalling whole 2 kg Redthroat frames like lollies. this was Out at Whitetip Reef anchorage on the Outer Hardline of the Great Barrier Reef some 200 kilometres offshore from Mackay. Fishing paradise.
We use a 150lb crazy tail twisted leader, Brawn tuff tackle reel and 130lb braid, to at least have a chance of catching these monster GT’s. The Crazy tail twisted leader also had a wire stinger beefed up with Owner 5/O ST66 Trebles. Will have to try again next time with some of these big GT’s reaching 50 Kilo’s.
Book early as these are limited charters and almost full for this year for Sept and October, only a couple of spaces left. Can’t wait to have another crack at these Monster GT’s. It’s Just amazing as these fishing videos show and that’s just some of the fish and awesome variety, Make sure you’ve see the whole series (4 parts) on this amazing Mothershipping fishing adventure.
To get into some of the best Giant trevally, Reef fishing on the Great Barrier Reef, make sure you check out our long range Mothershipping charters with Centurion and Raptor II.
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Hardline fishing Video!! Insane 6 Way Red Emperor Hookup!! Part 4!!

http://www.reefari.com Hardline fishing video Part 4, and what a way to end the trips with some more insane Red Emperor 6 way hook ups!! Now that’s fishing and with the best Red emperor of the trip a 83cm Red, That’s a quality fish. Welcome to our Fishing videos, fishing the Hardline and remote reefs on the Great Barrier Reef, on our recent mothershipping fishing adventure from Mackay. We only have very limited Mothershipping charters each year taken with Raptor II, a 10m Cougar Catamaran in tow with Centurion fishing charters enabling us to reach these remote reefs some 200 kilometres or more offshore and the best untouched reef fishing available. These remote small reefs and bommies around Hydrographers passage reef are possibly unfished and the big Red emperor and other quality reef fish make the effort to get to these spots very worthwhile. We do have to time the tides to fish these deep 75m shoals before the run is to strong and unfishable. We did have to search hard and burnt alot of fuel finding the spots, but when we did they went off two 6 way hookup on quality red emperor, Nannygai and Big spangled emperor and heaps more. Also Ian got a lovely double header on PE Tackle flies and are and awesome addition to your bait when doing this style of fishing. Definatey getting some great results on the Red Emperor and Nannygai in the deep water.
We’re already filling up for htis years fishing charters so you will have to get in quick, but it’s well worth it. I’m can’t wait to get back out here and check out this new awesome area. It’s Just amazing as these fishing videos show and that’s just some of the fish and awesome variety, Hope you enjoyed Part 4 and unfortunately the end of our Hardline fishing adventure.
We have trips planned for Sept and November but filling quick, only a few spaces left, great weather and great fishing. To get into some of the best Red Emperor fishing, deep sea reef fishing on Great Barrier Reef, make sure you check out our long range Mothershipping charters with Centurion and Raptor II.
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On The Hook TV, Wicked Tuna fishing, Lauren


On The Hook TV does some wicked tuna fishing on Stellwagon bank and then takes out woman angler Lauren Santini to get in on the action!


Owner Super Mutu Offset Circle Hooks with Super Needle Point

These hooks have become very popular with the tuna fisherman over the past 5 years. They feature an offset hang-nail Super Needle Point for effortless hook-ups.

The 11/0 is the best size when targeting Giant Bluefin with live bluefish.