Lior catch 2 Red Snapper on Live Bait

37 KG Amberjack on Live Bait

Rapala Catalog 2014

Rapala Catalog 2014 Download


Catching and live-baiting micro squid in Port Phillip Bay is an effective and exciting wY to fish for XOS snapper. Featuring Winga, Billie and Goepel April 2013.

Scary Dangerous ChainSawfish

Great footage depicting how a Sawfish has blades on it much like a Chainsaw. We had to be very careful not to get a body part cut off by the very dangerous teeth or blades on the bill of the Sawfish.


Charter di pesca in Calabria e non solo.
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Yellowfin Tuna Jig Strike

Fishing for Yellowfin Tuna using Zenaq Fokeeto Trevally rod, Saltiga Dogfight reel, and Sea Falcon jig.

Shark fishing Video Kaos – 5 Way Hook Up!! This was shark fishing kaos with a 5 way hookup in this video out reef fishing on the Great Barrier Reef. Those who say shark numbers are in decline haven’t been out on the Great Barrier Reef lately. Sharks are definately on top of the food chain and we lose alot of reef fish to reef sharks unfortunately. We were out on another overnight reef fishing trip and arrived at our first spot on dusk, when this drift resulted in chaos, with everybody hooking up on sharks and reef fish. In the end, most were sharks with one reef fish landed, A nice big Spangled emperor to Jamie. It pays to bring them to the surface as we’ve sometimes called for a shark and a nice quality reef fish makes it to the boat.
We’re fishing heavy Braid, mainly 50 to 80 lb braided line and Sharks can give you one hell of a work out. This video show’s the guys with there work cut out for them. They become quite a pest as they take it out of you, you lose your fishing gear and waste valuable time where you would preferably be catching reef fish. Hard work if you hook a few sharks over a day reef fishing.
This Video was quite Chaotic and was well worth a laugh or two. Most sharks you’ll come across on the reef are Bronze whalers and white and black tip reef sharks. We use heavy mono leaders up to 100lb, which the sharks eventually bite through, although sometimes you hook them in the corner of the mouth and takes even longer, and you have to fight them to the boat. Best bet is to cut them off close to the hook and release them rather them bringing the shark into the boat.
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PSFL May Rackus

Yellowfin Tuna, Panama Fishing, PSFL, Tuna feeding frenzy

Jigging Master.mp4

Jigging Master A G 鐵板路亞~