Panama – Black Marlin Going Nuts at Hannibal Bank!

Watch Propiedad de Paradise Lodge Isla Paridas client Sean York fight, catch, and release a 450# plus Black Marlin at Hannibal Bank March of 2013 on our boat the “TOP Cat”. Great footage of the fish going nuts, jumping, peeling line off the reel, and underwater video of the fish at boatside before the release!

Captain Shane Jarvis
Propiedad de Paradise Lodge
Isla Paridas, Panama
Panama Cellular 011-507-6675-7191

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Marlin from a kayak!

Keen kayak angler Huw Michael put together this highlights package of kayak marlin fishing on the NSW south coast, Australia. *Language Warning*

Black Marlin – Hannibal Bank – December 29, 2012

Watch Propiedad de Paradise Lodge client Paul Tatum fight, catch, and release a 600# plus Black Marlin on Hannibal Bank!

Captain Shane Jarvis
Propiedad de Paradise Lodge
Isla Paridas, Panama

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YouFishTV undertakes its grandest mission yet. To find and hook and Victorian Marlin, a species very rarely seen or caught in this predominantly cold part of the world. Watch how they use satellite imaging technology and good old fashioned fishing nouse to hunt out one of the biggest fishing moments any of them have ever been involved in. This video epitomizes what YouFishTV is all about. It explores the full range of human emotion and shows exactly what can be be achieved by anyone who believes in themselves

Helicopter fishing

Matt Watson gives fishing action an entirely new meaning. You’re probably thinking “action” means that moment when lines tighten as a fish grabs the bait and runs. Think again.

For Watson, host of The Ultimate Fishing show ( the action is jumping out of a helicopter and landing on top of a marlin for a wrestling match of sorts, or catching one from a PWC or surfboard. .. to read more visit….

500 lb. Marlin Jumping At Boat In Kona Hawaii – Hooked Up

Nice big fishing doing some awesome jumps at the boat. Check it out.

450 pound Black Marlin eaten by shark

This 450 pound black marlin was caught off Cairns, Australia. After about 22 minutes it panicks and goes down deep, where the sharks live. Big mistake. At least we got to keep the Bill! As for the size, its the Captain who makes the call, not me. Barry Cross (skip) estimated it to be around 450lbs, so thats what i go with even though i might agree with some that its closer to 350 than 450. For a reference, at the end of the video when i’m holding the head, i’m 6’4″. It might also be helpful to know that the boat is 65ft long and has a beam (width) of 17.5ft. Comments have been disabled after the Internet Trolls with no clue as to what game fishing is all about started dropping one liners. Educate yourself before you opinionize kids. Go to for more info on the awesome boat! There is a professional DVD out with this footage on it, go to to buy.


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