Slow Pitch jigging – catching White Grouper

This is my first report for Slow Pitch Jigging from Israel.

Last Friday I go to fish, i use the Seafloor Control Rector 180g.

I go to my first Wreck of the day on 30m deep water, start to play with Slow-pitch, Long Fall Jerks…
I got a phone call from other angler, when I start taking with him he hear me Hook my first Fish on my New Rod.
It was so excited; the first fish to catch on my new rod is White Grouper it is a gift from the sea.

I work with:
Rod: TENRYU Horizon SL HSL66B-ML
Reel: JM PE #2
Line: Super Jig Man X8 PE #1.5
Jig: Seafloor Control Rector 180g
Sea: 30m Deep Israel

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