Advanced Reef Jigging tips with Octo jigs!! This jigging video has more fishing tips on pimping up your Octo Jigs, With Lee Brake from North Queensland fish and Boat magazine. Lee has had some great success with jigging octo jigs and tweaking them to get better results with using soft plastics as an extra which give more action and better hookup results with the larger hooks. Lee recommends straight hooks rather than the offset gape which can result in your octo jig spinning. Also when putting your soft plastic on the jig, make sure it lies flat. We’ve been using the Berkley gulp soft plastic range with great success on our Octo Jigs and Paternoster rigs and they definately do work. We were on our way home and tried an old wreck which has a nursery of Smallmouth Nannygai on it. They couldn’t help themselves and loved the Octo jigs, so we decided to move on, too easy!!
This deep water reef jigging with Octojigs and plastics is opening up a whole new way of fishing the deep water and can bring the fish on the chew when they don’t want to touch baits. You’ll see fish on the fish finder, and you know they’re there, but shut down, a bit of movement seems to make the difference and you can land some quality fish.
We had a great day out today reef fishing and scored numerous Nannygai, Red Emperor, Coral trout and Sweetlip. We even caught a couple of Nice Spanish mackerel on the Knife jigs but that’s another video coming soon.
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Cheers Greg
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