Awesome Fishing Video, Big Red Emperor Fish Boom!! More awesome fishing video action with a multiple big Red Emperor hookups!! The reef fishing was a bit slow and the call was made to go and find some new fishing ground. This was bit of a gamble going wide into further unknown areas, and can be either fish boom or bust. Luckily we got fish boom and found a red hot spot. More video on the full session coming soon, but this was just one hot drift, and four big Reds and a large Coral trout came up. I’ve seen some great fishing, but this was pretty special. You just don’t see those numbers of Reds in one drift and everyone was blown away.
We filled the esky in an hour and just had to stop, we were catching too much. Hard to take on me, but we had to stop.
check out our Mothershipping videos on this awesome area some 200 kilometres offshore of Mackay, Queensland, Australia.
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