Big Giant Trevally on New Tuff Tackle 8000GT Brawn, Crazy Tail Twisted Leaders!! A big GT (Giant Trevally) to Darryl on our way home on our Recent Mothershipping charter with Centurion in this fishing video. An awesome GT, approx 25 kg’s and 1.15 metres in length which was caught on a new Brawn Tuff tackle 8000GT Rod/Reel Combo, with 80lb Braid, a 150lb Crazy tail twisted leader, and a River 2 Sea, Rover 230 stickbait. An excellant GT combo which I swear by and have caught some excellant fish on. This Stickbait is an old favourite now with barely and paint left on it, and will be a sad day when I lose this Stickbait. It pays to try something different and on a slow day around the islands with no luck trolling lures we decided to work some poppers and stickbaits and caught this big GT. Show it pays to spice things up.
GT fishing becomes addictive and the results are worth all the hard work, it was also quite rough in the background which makes the catch even more special. This Big GT was quickly photographed and released well. Please release all GT’s as they’re not great for eating and too good to catch only once. Mackay islands and reefs have a healthy population of GT’s and well worth a go. Check out the new Tuff Tackle Brawn 8000 GT reel, unreel bit of gear and I highly recommend one, We caught some great fish on these reels and the older Diablo series, but these new Brawns look and feel even better.
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Cheers Greg
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