Big Queenfish Double Hookup fishing with Poppers and Stickbait!! Big double hookup video on Queenfish on surface poppers and Stickbaits. Queenfish are an awesome sportsfish and great fun on poppers, Stickbaits and high speed slugs/lures with spectacular surface strikes. These were big fish, both around the 7.5kg mark and a great catch. Queenfish will get bigger, with about 10kg as big as they grow. My Personal best is 9kg, but have landed a 10kg fish years ago of Fraser island on a big livebait. They can be caught by a variety of ways including trolling lures, casting and generally on livebaits, rather than fleshbaits. Generally use a smaller popper or stickbait for queenfish, with the surface splashing driving them crazy, imitating a baitfish in distress. Metal slugs also work well with a high speed retrieve across the surface. The lure was a Sebile popper in this video.

Awesome Video with some great scenery as well around the Whitsunday islands. Any rock, headland, bommie and even shallow beaches is well worth a cast of a lure fishing for Queenfish. Look out for skittish baitfish as well, as no doubt the Queenfish won’t be too far away, or Giant Trevally which will smash lures as well.
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