Using a bird Teaser when Mackerel trolling!! Worth a Try!!

This video shows how to use a bird teaser and worth a try when trolling, Jason’s tip is to have one out, just behind the propwash. This gives a bit more surface excitement and action, and can help stir up the pelagics and get them in an attacking mood, hopefully onto our lures which we run behind the teaser. Bird teaser’s are great and splash along on the surface, and this time with a popper at the end of the chain with a big blooping action. Jason’s even had Giant Trevally come up and smash the popper at times.

There are a wide variety of teasers available, with a mixture of surface and sub surface teasers available. It’s a similar technique to marlin/sailfish trolling, but you would run more, make sure you have a good team, and clear the teasers when you hook-up, then the fun begins.
Worth checking out your local tackle shop.
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