Black GT on West Coast Poppers!! Whitetip Reef!! A nice Big Black GT by Mick Hasset from Micks gone fishing fame on a Dark Red West coast popper. It got inhaled by a nice GT, and some great bitemarks. It even started to straighten out the Owner trebles. This is the full video showing the power of these great fish. After a full on day fishing the Hardline, we had a quick GT session working some reefs just north of Whitetip where we’ve caught some nice GT’s Before. Fading light was making it hard to work the reefs, but we did well to catch this nice GT. Mick was using a new West Coast Popper and did well, A great looking lure and action, and great finish, almost a shame to use, but now with some nice marks.
Micks got a great fishing website and some great photography as well, so check it out if you get chance. Mick will chase anything with fins, with some great stuff on GT fishing, Barra, Sooties and Saratoga, Just google MicksGonefishing.
He’s also got a great feature on our Hardline mothershipping charter.
They’re some awesome GT fishing out on the Hardline reefs with some monster GT;s reaching 50 Kilo’s or more. We hooked a monster on 130lb Braid and after towing the dory for some distance busted them off on the reef, Simply amazing fish and amazing power. Warning GT fishing can get addictive!! Amazing sport and please release all GT’s, Too good too catch only once and not great eating, they should be protected!!
Book early as these are limited mothershipping charters and almost full for this year for Sept and October already, only a couple of spaces left. Can’t wait to have another crack at these Monster GT’s. It’s Just amazing as these fishing videos show and that’s just some of the fish and awesome variety. We have the whole series (4 parts) on this amazing Mothershipping fishing adventure.
To get into some of the best GT Popper fishing, Big Red Emperor and deep sea fising on the Great Barrier Reef, make sure you check out Reefari website.
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