Owner Super Mutu Offset Circle Hooks with Super Needle Point

These hooks have become very popular with the tuna fisherman over the past 5 years. They feature an offset hang-nail Super Needle Point for effortless hook-ups.

The 11/0 is the best size when targeting Giant Bluefin with live bluefish.




Furuno CH250 Searchlight Sonar


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The CH-Two-Fifty is a revolutionary high-performance
searchlight sonar designed for a wide range of
commercial fishing vessels. Fish and underwater
objects are displayed on a compact color LCD
screen. Target echoes are presented in 8 or 16
colors depending on the received echo strengths.
The highest echo level is painted in red and next
strongest echo in orange, and other colors follow with
reducing echo levels. One of the echo strengths can
be displayed in white to enhance the specific echo
level. The background color may be customized for
optimum viewing at day or night. An operating
frequency can be selected from 60, 88 or 150 kHz.
The CH-Two-Fifty is provided with eight operational modes
including half or full circle scan, zoom, vertical scan,
vertical sounder, the combination of full or half circle
with vertical scan, full circle with history, full circle
with strata and full circle with VideoPlotter.
The combination of full circle and vertical scan mode
helps evaluate the distribution of fish schools in
horizontal and vertical planes simultaneously.
The CH-Two-Fifty has another unique mode to view
the vertical plane called “Cross Section Scan”.
When you find a specific echo, press the “CUSTOM
MODE BUTTON” and then the cross section scan
window appears.
The CH-Two-Fifty provides three modes to track a
targeted echo: manual mode, target lock mode and
L/L mode. The target lock mode permits automatic
tracking of a target fish school within a
predetermined search zone after it has been
acquired in manual operation. In the L/L mode,
the beam is locked to the position, (such as a fish
shelter or reef), specified by the target marker.
This mode can be enhanced with DGPS position
The compact display design allows a flexible and
space-saving installation at your navigation station.
With an optional interface unit, a conventional CRT or
LCD monitor can be connected as a substitute,
backup or remote display of the standard display
unit. The low-profile hull unit requires only a limited
space for installation. There is a choice of hull units,