Advanced GPS and Fishfinder Tips!! Finding Fish!! More how to and advanced GPS and fish finder tips in this video, We’re off on another beautiful day fishing wide off Mackay, with great sea conditions. This makes fishing a whole lot easier, and enables you to use your GPS and fishfinder together for deadly results, for the the fish that is. Your GPS and fish finder are worth they’re weight in gold and enables you to sound out a fishing mark and locate where the fish are holding. You’ll see in this video I’ve used Icons on the GPS to mark out exactly where the main rock is, and that enables you to perfectly line up your trolling patterns and drifts when working an area. After trolling a fishing mark You’ll get a good feel for where the fish are holding, and this then enables you to line your drifts up, or position your boat to anchor exactly in the desired area. We found where the bait schools and Spanish mackerel were holding deep and then drifted this area using Knife jigs, which resulted in a nice Spanish Mackerel. Vital to use your sounder and Lowrance GPS together to locate exactly where the fish are holding, 20 metres off and you’ll miss the fish.
We run a Furuno FCV 585 and can’t rave on enought how good a unit this is, We run a 1 kw Transducer and is worth spending the money and get a quality sounder and the best you can afford. We are generally only fishing 50 to 80 metres and 1 kw is heaps of power, probably too much and you could get away with the 600 watt model and save a few bucks. The extra sounder power is good when sounding whilst travelling and this is also time to watch the sounder and you’ll pick up new marks, Quickly stop the boat and using the Lowrance GPS Plotter motor back up your track and Furuno FCV 585 sound out the new spot, We find alot of marks this way, with some phenomenal fishing to go with them.
Your GPS and Sounder are truly worth getting used too and the fish will follow. I prefer separate units, and the bigger screens are worth investing in. Stick with quality brands and very happy with Lowrance and Furuno Gear.
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Cheers Greg
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Furuno FCV295 Fishfinder: An Overview

Furuno FCV295 Fishfinder is available at http://PSICOMPANY.COM or Call 1.800.826.2907

More Information on Furuno FCV295 Fishfinder:…

The Furuno FCV295 Fishfinder is a new color digital sounder designed for a variety of professional fishing operations. It features a bonded ‘fogging-free’ 10.4″ LCD display providing superior viewing even in direct sunlight. You can display echoes in 8, 16, or 64 colors, with color assignment dependent on the strength of the returned echo. Clearly, the Furuno FCV295 Fishfinder is ahead of the class in Fishfinders.
The Furuno FCV295 Fishfinder Free Synthesizer (FFS) Transceiver allows a wide selection of operating frequencies. You may choose any two frequencies between 28 and 200 kHz to fit your fishing operation. Furuno FCV295 Fishfinder Output power is selectable from 1, 2 or 3 kW. A wide variety of display modes and functions are available for the Furuno FCV295 Fishfinder, which provide skippers with simple and intuitive information

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The Furuno FE700 echo sounder is a breakthrough over the conventional paper eating sounders

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Welcome To Puget Sound Instrument, Experts in Marine Electronics since 1965 and Hailing from Seattle/Tacoma.

The FE700 is a result of over 50 years of Furuno’s vast range of experience and advanced microelectronics technology fields in developing echo sounders, sonars, and underwater application equipment and systems. This echo sounder is a breakthrough over the conventional paper eating sounders; there are no consumable items. The purpose of the echo sounder is to provide safe navigation by detecting the clearance below the ship (particularly in shallow waters) as required on the solas Convention ships by the new IMO standards.

The basic system consists of a display unit, a distribution box, a matching box, and a transducer.

The 6.5 inch high-brightness TFT color LCD display offers an easy-to-read depth sounding in various modes, permitting optimum representation with respect to the environment.

Detection range is automatically varied but there is manual override to select the required scale. The displayed record is visible for 15 min on any range and an instantaneous sounding is directly shown in large numerals in addition to the graphical display. Depths, associated time, and position are stored for 24 hours in memory. The data can be played back at any time.

Visual and audible alarms are generated when the water depth below transducer is shallower than a user-preset depth. When the seabed is lost because of the lowered detection or out of range setting, the alarm comes on. The receiver sensitivity is automatically controlled with the tracking depth; manual override is possible to improve the detection and to reduce the surface clutter.

The transducer is available in 200 kHz or 50 kHz. The 200 kHz system is advantageous in rough weather or congested waterways in shallow waters whereas the 50 kHz system is recommended for deeper range operation. Depth data can be output in IEC 61162 format to radar, ECDIS, Voyage Data Recorder, and other radio communication and navigation equipment. Optional software is available to transfer the sounding data to a personal computer.