A story full of coincidence, is a story to hear and not believe.. but is true…
My friend R Lokee lost his rod the 16/02/ 2013, he was complaining about it!… He said the rod had Karma, it and was special for him…

It has fall from boat one time but didn’t loose it ! you can see it on the video Jigging in Pinas Bay…

These day march 10 2013, we were fishing in a slow day, these day’s happen… you know!
We spot a commercial fishing boat around 8 miles from us, and we decide to go there to change our area of fishing and ask them how they were doing… and check on the reef they were…
For our surprise one of them were jigging with a rod, not a common thing on them !

We get closer and spot a Jigging Master Reel, an it looks like Lokee’s lost rod!
But can be… no! can’t be… we said …

Giant Killing – major craft – Complete domination offshore series NEW! Mejakura

Giant Killing – major craft :
Appeared in “Giant Killing” of the six categories corresponding to all of the offshore game summer 2011! Click for details!!! The following



Fallings Limited Good!!!


Jigging Master And JigTalk International Jigging Forum Presents Jigging The Three Kings

Presented by JigTalk the international jigging forum dedicated for jiggers from around the world brings you this intro into our latest jigging trip from the Three Kings in New Zealand aboard Enchanter the number one charter boat for offshore jigging in the world.
See massive king fish and monster bass up to 65kg all in this clip, for the full report and many other jigging reports from around the world please visit our site at www.jigtalk.com we would love to have you on board !