Airmar TM260 Introduction, Installation Tips

The new TM260 takes the legendary performance of the B260 to your vessel’s transom. This top-of-the-line broadband transom-mount brings crystal clear imaging to any of today’s fishfinders. The large 200 kHz element and the seven-element 50 kHz array are excellent for bait and game fish separation along with detecting ground fish holding tight to the bottom. The TM260’s high-performance mounting bracket is easy-to-install and has a streamlined shape that delivers high-speed performance

This version of the TM260 is for Furuno sounders and fishfinders that take a 10-pin connector. (All TM260 models are manufactured and shipped as a TM260-MM standard transducer with a 2M cable ending in an Airmar connector, plus an 8M cable that converts from the standard Airmar connector to the manufacturer-specific connector.)

Product Features

  • RMS power 1000W (works with 600W or 1000W sounders)
  • Frequency 50/200kHz
  • Beam width 19 deg at 50kHz, 6 deg at 200kHz
  • Depth readings up to 1800-2500 ft at 50kHz, 700-1000 ft at 200kHz
  • Kick-up transom bracket included, accomodates transom angles between 3 and 21 degrees
  • 10M cable attached


Airmar Transom-Mounted Transducer Comparison

  • P66 : 600W : Good : Benchmark model for comparison
  • TM258 : 1kW : Better : 25 times more sensitive at 50 kHz, 16 times more sensitive at 200 kHz
  • TM260 : 1kW : Superb : 50 times more sensitive at 50 kHz, 13 times more sensitive at 200 kHz


Furuno FCV 585 Unreel fish finder in action with excellant results!!

Check out our Furuno FCV 585 Sounder, surely one of the best sounders going with a 1 KW through hull transducer. Check out the video with awesome detail in 50 Metres +, which enables us to find the ground and some truly amazing fishing. Look closely and you’ll see the minute difference on the bottom, this is the difference and enable us to find the ground which holds the fish, later in the video you’ll see the scattererd Nannygai, and even a fish being fought to the surface. This isn’t a paid endorsement, but well worth spending the money on quality gear and Furuno is well worth it. Very happy indeed and swear by Furuno for an excellant fish finder.
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Cheers Greg

Awesome Depth Sounder / Fish finder footage!!! of Deep Reef and Wreck

Depth Sounder footage to die for, this show’s some great footage of a couple of our fishing spots, A new found wreck, and a tiny reef, with some quality results. We use a Furuno Depth Sounder, FCV 585 on all our charter boats, Mako, Raptor II and obsession, and highly recommend a quality sounder. You get what you pay for and also running a 1 KW through hull transducer. Look closely and you’ll see the detail of the structure and all the fish schooling around it. This wreck was cover in fish as the Depth sounder shows, but we really did find the Nannygai nursery with this spot. It’s usual to get into quality fish this far out, but as most fish were undersize, we eventually left them biting. We did get several nice smallmouth Nannygai off the spot. I even tried a big plastic, but no trevally, cod or other monster in residence on the day. That’s fishing. Weather conditions deteriorated, and we tried another nearby spot. Absolutely tiny and not much structure, but enough to hold quality fish. On this day they were particularly spread out and some drifts managed to find the trophy Nannygai we were after. Look closely at the Depth sounder and you can hardly see any bottom at all, but some good fish were still showing.
It really does pay to get out there and use your Depth sounder, feel free to play with the settings, Auto, is just that Auto, doesn’t necessarily mean the best settings, and can be deleting the stuff you want to see.
Manual Gain is the go, but don’t turn it up too much or else will also show false reading. As well as a good Depth sounder, a Separate quality GPS unit is the go, to ensure you accurately work your marks, if 30 – 50 ft off, sometimes you mightn’t as well be fishing. Please subscribe and watch our videos closely, with more great fishing tips and info posted regularly, Please comment and good luck out on the water,
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