The Big Day Out
This was a day to remember, we set out on a 140 nautical mile round trip in a seven meter boat, on our hit list was big kingfish, big giant bass, mako sharks, blue marlin and black marlin… it would be one big day if we encountered it all in a day, and we got off to an amazing start. Try not to be bamboozled by the full-on action, because there is plenty of tips and tricks woven in too.

ULTIMATE FISHING – Ultimate Dogtooth Tuna

After flying to Noumea in New Caledonia, Matt and the team board the sport fishing ‘dream-boat’ the Ultimate Lady and travel 480 nautical miles to visit an uninhabited group of atolls and reefs that are loaded with fish. The fishing in this episode is phenomenal – even the experienced team on the Ultimate Lady were left in awe of the incredible dogtooth tuna. The underwater footage captured is equally as impressive as the huge fish.

Underwater Fishing Video, deep sea fishing on the Great Barrier Reef!!

http://www.reefari.com Some awesome underwater fishing video action on the Great Barrier reef catching some quality Largemouth Nannygai, Big fish are always great to see, but even better in this video as you can see what goes on when you are trying to catch these awesome fish. In this video things start off a bit slow with the pickers, smaller fish, Honeycomb cod etc, come in and start attacking the baits, Then soon after more fish become interested with A nice Spangled emperor hooking up briefly, although good to see what got away. Luckily I drop down again with some bait still on and quite a few big Nannygai are also interested. If you look closely in this video you see a big cod having a look. Seems to be a resident fish or two on most of our spots. Luckily I hook up straight away on a quality Fish, so no complaints. Quite a few big Nannygai in the area. We caught a heap of Nannygai and other good fish, so don’t overfish your marks and leave some for next time. You can easily out fish these marks and they don’t seem to recover again. We are always on the look out for new spots and that way you can spread the fishing pressure.
Awesome drop and good to see what happens down on the Reef, 50 metres below that is. You gotta love Deep sea fishing/reef fishing on the Great Barrier Reef, we are spoilt with heaps of big fish and good numbers. When deep sea fishing the deeper reefs and shoal we use a Paternoster rig with two hooks, check out our easy Paternoster rig, the easiest and best rig to use when fishing is red hot.
Make sure you subscribe with more underwater fishing video’s coming soon. The Sony Action Camera has been awesome and opened up another world.
Cheers Greg
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