Underwater Fishing Video, deep sea fishing on the Great Barrier Reef!!

http://www.reefari.com Some awesome underwater fishing video action on the Great Barrier reef catching some quality Largemouth Nannygai, Big fish are always great to see, but even better in this video as you can see what goes on when you are trying to catch these awesome fish. In this video things start off a bit slow with the pickers, smaller fish, Honeycomb cod etc, come in and start attacking the baits, Then soon after more fish become interested with A nice Spangled emperor hooking up briefly, although good to see what got away. Luckily I drop down again with some bait still on and quite a few big Nannygai are also interested. If you look closely in this video you see a big cod having a look. Seems to be a resident fish or two on most of our spots. Luckily I hook up straight away on a quality Fish, so no complaints. Quite a few big Nannygai in the area. We caught a heap of Nannygai and other good fish, so don’t overfish your marks and leave some for next time. You can easily out fish these marks and they don’t seem to recover again. We are always on the look out for new spots and that way you can spread the fishing pressure.
Awesome drop and good to see what happens down on the Reef, 50 metres below that is. You gotta love Deep sea fishing/reef fishing on the Great Barrier Reef, we are spoilt with heaps of big fish and good numbers. When deep sea fishing the deeper reefs and shoal we use a Paternoster rig with two hooks, check out our easy Paternoster rig, the easiest and best rig to use when fishing is red hot.
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Cheers Greg
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Closeup big fish hot bite!! Underwater fishing video!! Great Barrier Reef!!

http://www.reefari.com Some awesome underwater fishing video action with our new sony action camera out on the Great Barrier reef. This is what happens down below in 50 metres of water. Great to see another angle on our fishing videos. Watch in High definition and full screen if possible to watch how these big fish attack the baits. A lot more fish then I expected and a very flat featureless bottom, heaps of big fish up nice and close. Pretty amazing stuff. When there on the chew they’re not bothered by the Sony Action camera. Heaps of big fish, big Nannygai and a big cod as well in this video. Great to see, and even good to see the one that got away, so I did hook a largemouth Nannygai, but they do have soft mouths and we do drop a few. Let them take the bait well and smooth pump and wide when winding them up to the surface. We caught plenty that day and left them biting, so don’t overfish your marks or they will suffer and think of the next time you want to go fishing.
We have the sony action cam set us on top of our easy Paternoster rig, with a short wire trace in case of sharks. Great to see how it all works in the deep water and the way your bait and rig drifts along the bottom.
The Sony action Cam has been great, waterproof up to 70 metres, supposedly, I’ve used mine in about 50metres. Great quality video so no complaints, More deep water fishing videos coming soon so make sure you subscribe.
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Gotta love the Great Barrier Reef, Truly awesome stuff
Cheers Greg
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Perfect for ROCK fishes at SLOW JIGGING / SeaRideV, BlueBlue

Effective methods for SLOW JIGGING! The LATEST Japanese jigging technique, utilizing jig’s FALLING action.
The main usage of SeaRideV with knotting into tail eyelet(knotting into opposite eyelet to SeaRide eyes).
With movie of swimming action, Explaining how SeaRideV can be moved effectively, how it falls and slides in the water.

New Shipwreck Discovered with GoPro and ScoutPro Housing! 900ft (300m) Deep!

A huge congrats to Mr. Aharon “Ronnie” Sade of Yam-Yafo Ltd. for discovering a new uncharted, unknown shipwreck off the Israeli Coast.
This unidentified wreck is over 900ft deep (300m). Mr. Sade was using a GoPro and our specialized extreme depth underwater housing.
For such a fantastic discovery, GroupBinc.com is naming Mr. Sade as our Explorer of the Year.
Mr Sade’s company , Yam-yafo Ltd, is a Marine Projects & Data Providers Business.
Based in Israel and known as the local market leader for marine geographic Information services since 2011. They assist both public and private sector organizations deliver their marine responsibilities.
Again, a big congrats to Mr Sade for exploring the deep seas and discovering this shipwreck. We look forward to see more footage!

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Underwater Video footage with new Sony Action Cam!!

http://www.reefari.com Here’s a bit of underwater camera video playing with the New Sony Handy cam, HDR-AS15 thanks to Jason. A Great bit of gear, and so good in fact I decided to buy one myself. So expect to see some more underwater shots, and video in future. It should open up a heap of great opportunities for different shots from see what the bottom looks like in the deep, how many fish, Catching GT’s and even diving on the reef.
So we’ll see what happens when fish bite your bait, what’s down there, etc,
In this video we see a Moray eel swim past, heaps more pickers, fish and a nice Angel fish having a go at the bait. Also make sure you turn up the volume and you’ll hear Whale noises in the background. There were heaps around on the day, but none close whilst filming, amazing how far the sound travels underwater.
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Cheers Greg
We do have very limited Mothershipping (Centurion, Raptor II & Dories) fishing charters available, specialising in deeper reefs and shoals chasing larger red emperor, nannygai, etc. We do have shared charters as well in case you don’t have a full group but you do have to book early.
These are excellant fishing adventures, fishing remote parts of the Great Barrier Reef and outer hardline edges up to 200 kilometres offshore or more,
We are taking expressions of interest for this year and we will have several shared and Mothershipping charters.
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Black Seabass Frenzy Unbelievable Underwater Strikes

Black Sea Bass
Notice how the sea bass seems to “light up” like a sailfish, or mahi mahi, Look for a white band above the eyes and white tips on the fins.
The third clip is a lizard fish strike (Synodontidae). This is one of the fastest strikes I have recorded yet.

The sea bass spawns when it is mature, at 190 mm (7.5 in), in middle of May to end of June. The buoyant eggs are 0.95 mm (0.03 in) in diameter, and their development time is 1.6 days at 23 °C (74 °F). The maximum size of a sea bass is 500 mm (20 in), weighing 4.3 kg (9.5 lb).

Black sea bass are protogynous hermaphrodites, meaning that they generally first mature as females and some later become male. The sex change generally occurs over the winter when the fish are 240 to 330 mm (9.5 to 13 in) long.

We routinely practice catch and release. All these fish were released.

Video shot with a Sony HDR-AS15 and a custom built underwater housing.

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North Carolina Amberjack Action!

In May of 2013, Ray, Tom, Anuvat, Jorge and Jimmy fished with Capt. Mike Jackson of Liveline Charters, based in Wilmington North Carolina.

The crew mainly targeted amberjacks, and caught many both on topwater and jigs. Some other species were landed too, such as bonito, cobia, and even a big shark that Anuvat landed.

Mahi Mania Underwater Fishing Trolling GoPro by GroupBinc

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Quick video showing the underwater stabilizing system (VideoFins) for GoPro Hero, Hero2 and Hero3. This system can also be used with any other waterproof camera.
This system can be trolled or drifted while fishing.
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