Metaljig Revolution! Shore jigging [SeaRide] by BlueBlue

You ve never see this AMAZING slide&fall action!!
How can we call it? Dolphin Fin Sliding action?!? cannot describe, just see it!
SeaRide makes your jig fishing more fun and more dynamic.
When you “jerk” the rod easily, SeaRide moves slide action very sharply and attracts varieties of fish eaters’ interest by its ever-changing movement.
You may see the fact with your own eyes that there exists many fishes that you couldn’t catch with “usual metal jig.”

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20g, 30g, 40g, 60g

– Created by the monster in Japanese Seabass Fishing world, Masanori Muraoka.
New Fishing Lure Brand, “BuleBlue” -To all people who love the sea-

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The Big Day Out
This was a day to remember, we set out on a 140 nautical mile round trip in a seven meter boat, on our hit list was big kingfish, big giant bass, mako sharks, blue marlin and black marlin… it would be one big day if we encountered it all in a day, and we got off to an amazing start. Try not to be bamboozled by the full-on action, because there is plenty of tips and tricks woven in too.

Popping and Jigging Latham Island, Tanzania

Raymond, Jorge, Marcus and Trevor traveled to Tanzania in November of 2013 to fish with Mady and Jason of Sport Fishing Tanzania. The group popped and jigged around Latham Island.

As written by Raymond:

Although the fishing was slow, the trip was definitely an enjoyable and successful one! It takes a lot of hard work and luck when it comes to GT fishing and you really need some luck for dogtooth tuna fishing (a hook up doesn’t necessary means you will land it), I learned it the hard way Although I did not land any dogtooth this trip, I really enjoyed the company of such a great crew and we really had a ton of fun, smiles, arguments and memories, not forgetting a big THANK YOU to Jason and Mady, you guys are top notch!

Tackle used,

Rod : Race Point150,200&250, Hot’s, Synit, MC Works & Carpenter.
Reel : Shimano Stella SW & SWB, Trinidad, Torsa & JM
Lures : Carpenter, Siren, Shell Shaping, Bertox, Hammer Head, Patriot Design, Smith Tobiika, Moutoukenmaru……..
Jigs : Shimano, Shout, Lamble Bait Haoli, Hot’s, FCL Labo,CB One, Deep Liner……..

For more pics and full report check out the “Saltywater Chronicles” page on Facebook.

Jigging for Fingermark!! or Golden snapper!! Fingermark fish, also known as golden snapper are a highly prized catch jigging offshore in North Queensland and they tend to be your larger versions, which are even better. An awesome looking fish, with attitude and teeth to match. These are like a turbocharged Mangrove jack being from the same Lutjanid family. They grow slowly and become a lot wiser which makes the larger versions a vary rare capture. With the editor of NQ Fish and Boat Lee Brake, we’ve had some great success lately working inshore reef patches jigging Soft plastics and metal slugs. We got one on an elevator Nitro jig and one on a halco twisty 30gram. Usually you’ll work these slugs/slices with a high speed retrieve, but also works very effectively vertically jigging just off the bottom, also landing some nice coral trout and trevally. Well worth a try.
Jigging soft plastics early morning is the go for targeting fingermark so make sure you get up and out there early also to have the best chance.
Fingermark are very slow growing and aren’t around in large numbers so make sure you don’t catch too many, and they do suffer from Barotrauma and don’t release well.
You must book early for our limited mothershipping fishing charters and we are almost full for this year, so start planning for next year. I can’t wait to have another crack at these Giant trevally, Red Emperor, Spanish Mackerel and heaps more.
Please subscribe with more great jigging and fishing videos and how to coming soon. We’re also off to Marion Reef later in the year for more awesome fishing adventure, even better jigging XOS Bluespot Coral trout and even Dogtooth Tuna.
To get into some of the best GT Popper fishing, Big Red Emperor and deep sea fishing on the Great Barrier Reef, make sure you check out Reefari website