GT Popper Fishing, Great Barrier Reef!! Come GT Popper fishing at Credlin Reef, on the Great Barrier Reef. It doesn’t get any better than this, awesome weather, great company, Popper fishing the reef edges, Big Gt’s and great release. We were working the channel between the two reefs at Credlin reef. These areas are always worth a troll, or throw a popper and stickbait. With it being low tide and the reef edges exposed, the bait fish are funnelled into the channel where your pelagics will be working and ambushing along the reef edge. Drift with the channel working points and drains with your poppers and stickbait, Best at low tide as less water for the GT’s to be working on the flats.
Sam was using a River 2 Sea dumbbell popper and we’ve had some great success with these poppers GT Fishing. Great hooks and paint quality at an affordable price.
The video starts with a small shark mackerel for starters, followed by a nice GT about 15 kilo’s and released well. Please release all GT’s. Too good to catch once.
The River 2 Sea dumbbell popper’s are great value, and would also recommend the Halco Rooster popper as a great proven lure and should be in any tackle box for GT fishing.
Warning GT fishing can get addictive and once you see a big surface strike you just want more. It makes all those casts well worth it!!
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Black GT on West Coast Poppers!! Whitetip Reef!! A nice Big Black GT by Mick Hasset from Micks gone fishing fame on a Dark Red West coast popper. It got inhaled by a nice GT, and some great bitemarks. It even started to straighten out the Owner trebles. This is the full video showing the power of these great fish. After a full on day fishing the Hardline, we had a quick GT session working some reefs just north of Whitetip where we’ve caught some nice GT’s Before. Fading light was making it hard to work the reefs, but we did well to catch this nice GT. Mick was using a new West Coast Popper and did well, A great looking lure and action, and great finish, almost a shame to use, but now with some nice marks.
Micks got a great fishing website and some great photography as well, so check it out if you get chance. Mick will chase anything with fins, with some great stuff on GT fishing, Barra, Sooties and Saratoga, Just google MicksGonefishing.
He’s also got a great feature on our Hardline mothershipping charter.
They’re some awesome GT fishing out on the Hardline reefs with some monster GT;s reaching 50 Kilo’s or more. We hooked a monster on 130lb Braid and after towing the dory for some distance busted them off on the reef, Simply amazing fish and amazing power. Warning GT fishing can get addictive!! Amazing sport and please release all GT’s, Too good too catch only once and not great eating, they should be protected!!
Book early as these are limited mothershipping charters and almost full for this year for Sept and October already, only a couple of spaces left. Can’t wait to have another crack at these Monster GT’s. It’s Just amazing as these fishing videos show and that’s just some of the fish and awesome variety. We have the whole series (4 parts) on this amazing Mothershipping fishing adventure.
To get into some of the best GT Popper fishing, Big Red Emperor and deep sea fising on the Great Barrier Reef, make sure you check out Reefari website.
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Crazy Tail Twisted Leaders, Advanced GT Popper fishing leaders!! If you’re serious about GT popper fishing, Crazy Tail Twisted Fishing Leaders are essential, I’ve been blown away with how good they are and when combined with a double main line, have been fail proof. We’re running Crazy Tail Twisted leaders, 150lb with a split ring joinging the Popper, Absolutely awesome with no weak connections. We’ve now not lost a popper or fish to any weak connections. Even repetitive casting will eventual wear and break your knots, with the high speed casting with knots running through your fishing rod eyes. We have still lost GT’s but only to the reef!! They’re still hard to catch, but great setup and all I’ll use from now on.
The leader is twisted tight, 150lb and then doulbed up at the split ring, making a 4 core double at the split ring. We’ve caught some great fish now on these crazy tail twisted leaders and no wear or chafing at all, absolutely awsome. Johno will custom make them as well and at the moment we are running at 1.3m as the last Giant Trevally GT was 1.2 m and over 25kg’s. For big fish these leaders are awesome. the Split ring is an Owner hyperstrength size 9 and also perfect for GT popper fishing.
Make sure you use a modified Cats Paw knot for joining your Double to the leader and you’ll be fine and ready to do battle with XOS GT’s,
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Panama Fishing Offshore Action Video Highlights! – Skenderis Brother’s Trip – May 2012

Video highlights from Peter and Stavros Skenderis’ May 2012 trip here to Propiedad de Paradise Lodge on Isla Paridas. Watch as we come across numerous huge Yellowfin Tuna boils, release a Black Marlin, and photos of the intense sportfishing action they experienced here in the heart of the Gulf of Chiriqui, Panama!

Captain Shane Jarvis
Propiedad de Paradise Lodge
Isla Paridas, Panama

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Popping & Jigging – Andamans – The Return – 2012

Our second trip on the big blue chasing big GT’s and doggies in the Andaman Islands India.

Another amazing trip in the very capable hands of gamefishingindia. Great weather this time and the fishing didn’t disappoint, loads of surface hits on the poppers. We just need to get better at keeping the hooks in ! Jigging was fun too with some good doggies caught. Check out in the vid what took a 15lbs yellow fin tuna livebait !

Had some nice GT’s to 25Kg, but lost a few much bigger. needed another holiday after a weeks fishing as our arms were dropping off !

Enjoy the video