Centurion fishing charter with Reefari, mothershipping the Great Barrier Reef, Day 1!!

http://www.reefari.com This fishing video shows some awesome Great Barrier Reef action with Centurion Fishing charters and Reefari. The fishing was phenomenal, and it’s just some of the highlights of day 1 out on the reef, The following is the report about this amazing fishing trip, day 1;

MV Centurion from Centurion Fishing charters and cruises was our 80ft mother ship and home for the next few days and nights, a big comfortable base with all the comforts of home, Air conditioning and plenty of ice cold refreshments. It doesn’t get better than this, and then there’s the fishing, this is living!!
Our Destination was Trogibee, and Eaton/Denton Reefs some 80 to 100 nautical miles offshore, Almost double that too convert to kilometres and we’re just scratching the surface of this remote northern reaches commonly referred to the Swains. A massive reef system with hundreds of reefs and bommies, and alot also uncharted. The Grass is definitely Greener when you’re this far out, being out of the range of most trailer boats, except for the odd Long Range charter boat, or pro live trout fisherman. The plot thickens, and this is where Raptor II comes into her own. Wouldn’t you love to turn back time and see what fishing was like 50 years ago, Well that’s what happens. Reefari’s speciality is targeting these remote deep water shoals, uncharted and Unfished. Remote, isolated and so small it takes pinpoint fishing to a new level, and the results speak for themselves, Read on,
Fishing video Day 1: Did I mention the forecast, with a beautiful sunrise and glass seas, Waking up on the reef in a protected anchorage really is something. The guys were keen, with some screaming runs and a broken rod to Sydney’s Steve, it wasn’t his greatest start, but luckily he had a couple spare. Plenty of laughs at his expense, and the guys were pumped. The charter had a varied mob from all over, A group from Sydney, Townsville, Emerald, and a few locals as well. The Fishing State of Origin began, as well as the Biggest Red Comp, to make things interesting. The Maroons were the first shift, and we headed south and wide, a quick 15 min run and we were in fishing Nirvana. The grounds look good, fished showed well on the Furuno FCV 585 and everybody was ready with rods baited. First drop and a legal size coral trout came onboard, and another bigger one followed, but this wasn’t what we were after, A slow start and even some unwanted Grinner ended onboard. Not the Chaos we expected!! We fished and worked hard some of the legendary spots from Last years mother shipping trip, and a good mixed bag resulted, with several large Nannygai’s, Reds and coral trout. PE Tackles reef flies were also being used by the Townsville boys, and also with mixed results, Mick was pretty happy with his, as he set the benchmark for the trip and a Corker 84 cm Red Emperor on a green goblin fly. The fishing was good, but a bit disappointing to be honest, Normally you’d be over the moon with this catch, But I Knew there was more!! Back on the mothership, August is a great time for Spanish Mackerel and they were around in good numbers on the reef edge, The guys were cleaning up on the back deck of Centurion floating out unweighted pilchards.
The Blues turn, and time for a game change, Head North East and try some other marks and shoals. Weather was great, but the fishing slow, Dead Slow and the marks were shut down. I was really scratching my head, and the clients were a bit stunned, That’s when you dig deep and take bit of a gamble, we went for Fish Boom or Bust. Sometimes it pays to head out in the blue Yonder and search for new ground, It’s a double edged sword, Results can be legendary, or devastating, Luckily we hit Legendary Status, and found a mark that was Hot, Red Hot, we called it Incredible, and definately was some of the most Incredible fishing I’ve see, First Drift over this hump, about the size of a basketball court ended up with 4 Red emperor and a Quality Bar Cheek Coral Trout and we were back!! Next Drift five Reds and Nannygai, and it just didn’t let up . The next hour was mindblowing and the Esky full. It’s times like these you’ve just gotta stop, We had to leave them biting and the scoreboard was Blue 1, Maroon 0.
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