Crazy Tail Twisted Leaders, Advanced GT Popper fishing leaders!! If you’re serious about GT popper fishing, Crazy Tail Twisted Fishing Leaders are essential, I’ve been blown away with how good they are and when combined with a double main line, have been fail proof. We’re running Crazy Tail Twisted leaders, 150lb with a split ring joinging the Popper, Absolutely awesome with no weak connections. We’ve now not lost a popper or fish to any weak connections. Even repetitive casting will eventual wear and break your knots, with the high speed casting with knots running through your fishing rod eyes. We have still lost GT’s but only to the reef!! They’re still hard to catch, but great setup and all I’ll use from now on.
The leader is twisted tight, 150lb and then doulbed up at the split ring, making a 4 core double at the split ring. We’ve caught some great fish now on these crazy tail twisted leaders and no wear or chafing at all, absolutely awsome. Johno will custom make them as well and at the moment we are running at 1.3m as the last Giant Trevally GT was 1.2 m and over 25kg’s. For big fish these leaders are awesome. the Split ring is an Owner hyperstrength size 9 and also perfect for GT popper fishing.
Make sure you use a modified Cats Paw knot for joining your Double to the leader and you’ll be fine and ready to do battle with XOS GT’s,
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Cheers Greg
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