How to fillet and skin a Red Emperor!! Here’s how to fillet and skin a Red Emperor video by Jamie Evans. We, well Jamie, caught a nice Red Emperor and though we’d do another how to fillet a red emperor video due to the success of the previous one by Lee Brake. This time with a bit more time and a sharp knife. Always have an extra sharp knife for filleting fish, Makes life alot easier and you end up with a better job. Invest in some quality knives and I have half a dozen which I just use for filleting fish.
Jamie runs through on how to fillet this Red emperor with little wastage of flesh, and then how to skin the fillet. Always leave the scales on as this makes the skinning of the fish alot easier. Then the last job is to cut out the Pin bones, leaving a boneless fillet. Red Emperor are beautiful eating and highly prized, now unfortunately $50 a kilo.
Coral trout is also now $50 a kilo, unbelievable but arguably some of the best eating fish in the ocean and the Great Barrier Reef.
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