How to find fish on the Great Barrier Reef This fishing video shows some great fishing tips on how to find fish on a reef, more specifically the Great Barrier reef. Although this tip will help in numerous other locations, and is one of the most basic rules of fishing. The number one rule is to look for life, and Fusiliers, full name is red bellied fusiliers, and are one of the best signs, These are the base fish of the Great Barrier reef and school up in there thousands along the reef edge, and provide the base food supply for the many Coral reef dwellers and Pelagics such as Mackerel and Giant trevally. Other Baitfish schools, are worth looking out for, without food, you’ll find the larger predators and reef fish, will be elsewhere.
A term you’ll here is a dead reef, Meaning no life, and fishing these areas will be a total waste of time, Look for life, good current flow, Birds feeding, Fusiliers feeding on the surface, tuna and mackerel schools working. Keep an eye out for these things and you’ll soon get a feel for a reef, and which parts of the reef are holding fish. I’ve dived some of these spots and there’s no fish, no life, for whatever reason, and you’ll struggle to find a legal sized fish, while other areas are teeming with life, and huge numbers of fish. It pays to keep a good lookout and be prepared to move to find fish.
These schools can be quite large and will extend for hundreds of metres along a reef, or will hold on certain bommies and points, feeding into the current. These areas are great as Mackerel, and Trevally schools will also be in the area looking for a weak or sick fish and an easy feed. The beauty is also coral trout, Redthroat sweetlip, emperor and heaps more are waiting below for an easy feed. Spanish and shark mackerel will attack these schools of baitfish, and the scraps, remains drift down for an easy feed. Check out coral trout when you go diving next, they normally hang around the coral, looking up and that’s why, They’re relatively lazy.
These fishing tips will work anywhere on the Great barrier reef from Hervey bay to Cairns and further north, so well worth a try. So work these areas in a multitude of ways from Baitfishing, Trolling, working poppers, and even jigging. It was whilst trolling this area and we had stopped, a large school of Spanish mackerel was sighted under the boat, A metal jig was quickly cast out and let sink, a high speed retrieve and another Spanish mackerel was caught, tagged and release. Here we did some more trolling and come across some good numbers of small spanish Mackerel, nothing huge but once again we got some good points for the Game fishing comp and had some fun.
Always look for defined points and deep water/ledges with baitfish, they’re normally always be some pelagic fish nearby. Good luck and tight lines.
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Cheers Greg
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