How to fish a reef fishing tips!! How to fish a reef video gives some valuable tips on working a reef, One of the main tips is to focus your trolling at low tide and working the reef edge during this period and change of the tide. The baitfish are forced off the top of the reef and will have to shelter on the reef edge where they are more accessable for the pelagic Mackerel species such as Spanish, king and shark mackerel. Also your trevally species won’t be far away too. This is also another great time to work poppers along the reef edges and bommies, Once again less water for the fish to hide in. Always look for bait fish, and on the great barrier reef, Red Bellied fusiliers school up along the reef edges and bommies in there thousands and make a base food for the other predatory reef fish. Look for these schools and telltale signs of them feeding on the surface. This is a great area to work as other bigger reef fish will be hanging around for a easy feed.
This video shows us working some poppers, No giant trevally unfortunately, but some amazing country and only managed a big Long Tom, Bit of a laugh and that’s fishing. We also did a bit of trolling and managed a few Shark mackerel on the lures, No Spanish unfortunately. Always worth a troll or a cast of some poppers and breaks up the day, Watch the tides and give low tide a go.
Always look for a defined deep edge and prominent reef points, These also confine the bait fish and is well worth a troll with some lures. Another fishing tip is to troll a reef edge, but have someone up the bow fishing with a popper casting into the reef and retrieving, another great way to work more country and find where the GT’s are holding.
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