Fishing Australia’s Best on the Great Barrier Reef Adventure Day 2 This fishing Australia video shows some of the best fishing I’ve seen on the Great Barrier reef from Mackay Queensland. Day 2 was awesome and highlights some of the great fishing action you’ll see on one of our mothershipping Adventures to some of the remotest regions of the Great barrier reef to the northern end of the Swains. Day 1 was insane, and Day 2 was even better with heaps more quality reef fish, the large spanish mackerel esky was full by 10am, and we also got several mackerel and a GT in the boat before Lunch, Now that’s a top morning fishing. I’ve travelled and fish quite alot around Australia, Up Cape York, across Northern Territory and even Western Australia, but the quality and Variety of fishing in this video is hard to beat anywhere. Make sure you read the following fishing report for Day 2, and check out our great value Mothershipping charters on the northern Swains reef, about 200 kilometres from Mackay marina,
Day two: It was Back to Incredible for starters, and was still firing or the Blue team, and a good score onboard, with more Nanny’s and Reds quickly mounted, It’s hard to take, It was time again to head wide and hunt for more new fishing marks. Part of the thrill is now finding news ground and Marks, and we were scoring big time. We headed wider into the unknown and came across more mind blowing Red country. You’ve heard of the Green Mile, Well we found the Red mile, Fishing paradise with the perfect fishing drift, a ridge about one nautical mile long covered in Reds, Nannygai and Trout, not to mention Big Rocks and bommie’s and fish everywhere. The first drift seemed forever and the fish just kept coming, so we kept drifting. The esky filled up once again and it was time to call it quits. The Red Mile!! Now that’s reef fishing, and top video action. With still a couple of hours to go before heading back to the mothershipping, the guys were keen for a troll of the Reef. So why not, Just a quick 10 min run back to the reef edge and lures were quickly deployed. As usual the local Mackerel hooligans, quickly jumped on and a few Shark Mackerel and Small Spanish Mackerel landed. Steve was keen throwing Poppers off the bow, and another great way to work the reef edge finding the Local GT Population. It was round the next point when Steve got smashed, and got a great workout on 80lb braid and tuff tackle reel, and one poor River 2 Sea Dumbell Popper. These GT’s take some stopping and was eventually bullied along side. After a few quick happy snaps we were about to revive him and give a little tow, but he didn’t want a part of it. The GT was rather annoyed, and quickly bolted back home to the reef. They’re a tuff fish, and just another amazing insight into what the reef can offer, Lunch was calling and we headed back to the mothership very impressed indeed. Another amazing session and Scoreboard was looking good for the blues. Some great Reds, but with 75cm about the best, Michaels lead was looking good.
The Maroons, came out firing and fished hard, they put plenty of nice fish in the esky, with numerous Reds averaging around the 75cm mark, More Nannygai and donated quite a few to the sharks as well. A frisky Hammerhead also gave Michaels Red Emperor a race to the boat, and a lovely kiss, leaving three distinct teethmark in one unlucky fish. Spectacular stuff with the shark giving the spectators a farewell splash at the side of the boat. They fished hard and still more reds averaging 75cm’s, and more largemouth Nannygai. The sharks were around and An epic tug of war and three anglers later, one big sorry Whaler was briefly brought alongside, before being dismissed. More big reds, with Larry’s pushing 80cm and just short of Michaels fish, for the prize, A Couple of horse Nannygais, and another full esky, everybody was happy, apart from the judge, your truly, having to give round two to the Blues.
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