Fishing tips!! Advanced Squid Condom Bait presentation video!! In this fishing tips video, Jason gives us a run down on his favourite Squid Condom bait combo, quite an interesting bait, and well worth a look and a try next time you are out fishing. The squid is a tough bait, with the pilchards quite soft, but great as they break up and give out plenty of oily scent. This is a great bait and looks good even if just to impress your fishing mates.

Get a reasonable size squid and remove the head and the innards of the squid. Then it’s a matter of placing a whole pilchard inside the Squid and then placing on your hook. This bait would work well also on a double or triple hook gang setup. Also check out our reef fishing best bait video which also show a good selection of the baits we use when deep sea or reef fishing. Squid and Pilchards are always the first bait on board, and then any small fish is used for fresh flesh, it is quickly cut up and used as well. We’ll also use a paternoster rig, so we can run at least two baits, and vary the selection. This is where the Squid condom is a bigger, tougher bait and will appeal to your larger reef fish.
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