Fishing tips Video, How to Rig Big Baits for Spanish (King) Mackerel !! In this Fishing tips video, easy how to rig big baits such as wolf herring for Big fish, such as Spanish or King Mackerel. Easy rig to use and saves alot of time, but also swims straight all the time as well. These rigs are available from Tackle world Mackay and Nashy’s Northside Tackle. Makes life easy and especially when on a hot bite. Use with other big fish depending on your area, such as Tailor, small barracuda, big gar or Ballyhoo, and any other appropriate Bait fish. Great when the gamefish are fussy and won’t hit your lures. Wolf herring are the best bait by far for big Spanish Mackeral.
Jason talks us through how he rigs his wolf herring, and this is several different ways to do it, so check out our other fishing tips videos and pick the best way you like, or try a few differents methods and see which rig works best for you. Big baits for big fish does hold true and with these big wolf herring you’ll catch your bigger spanish or King Mackerel, and talking 20 Kilo’s plus. Be warned Wolf herring are $5 plus a pop now and if the Mackerel are around they don’t last long. Also check out our video on rigging wogs with Gar, also top bait and Spanish (King) mackerel can’t help themselves.
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