Giant Trevally Fishing with River 2 Sea Dumbell Popper 200 Steve does battle with a nice Giant Trevally caught on a River 2 Sea Dumbell Popper on our recent mothershipping Charter to the great Barrier Reef from Mackay, Queensland. This was a great GT pushing 20 Kilo’s landed on 80lb Braid and a Tuff tackle Diablo 1000 spinning reel, and gave him a good workout. Giant Trevally are the Bulldozers of the Reef and takes some serious tackle to stop them.
The River 2 Sea dumbell poppers are a great lure, and perfect for targeting Giant trevally, with a great surface action which suit the surface feeding nature of GT’s. When working your popper, you want a nice regular bloop bloop action with plenty of noise and splash to help attract and stir the GT up in a freeding fenzy. The Surface strikes are spectacular and that’s what keeps you coming back for more. Sensational stuff.
The River 2 Sea company has a great range of Stickbaits and poppers, with the Dumbell 200 claiming to be the king of poppers, the dumbell 200 is the largest in the range of surface bloopers and a weight of 110gms, fish with one and you will know why. Weighted with casting distance in mind, the popper is constructed with hard wood, achieving excellent buoyancy and as a big fish popper it is fitted with VMC trebles and extra heavy duty split rings. Wood poppers can handle the Abuse of Big GT strikes and don’t crack/fill with water like some plastic poppers. Plus always great to see the teethmarks and show the battle scars after a few giant Ulua battles. The lure sits vertically in the water and with a slight flick of the rod tip, the popper moves forward allowing its huge concaved head to spray a large volume of water forward resulting in a very loud bloop noise. Keep it up as also is great for a wide range of species including all of the trevally species and others such as Queenfish, Dolphin Fish, and even coral trout and mackerel. They also come in a smaller 110mm and 150m size, depending on the size of the Ulua you’re chasing. Great quality popper and well worth having in your tackle box.
Other River 2 Sea stickbaits and poppers worth having a look at are the Rover 230, Bubble Pop 130 and Bubble Walker. They also a doggie stickbait, which would also be great for Giant trevally.
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