GT Popper Fishing, Great Barrier Reef!! Come GT Popper fishing at Credlin Reef, on the Great Barrier Reef. It doesn’t get any better than this, awesome weather, great company, Popper fishing the reef edges, Big Gt’s and great release. We were working the channel between the two reefs at Credlin reef. These areas are always worth a troll, or throw a popper and stickbait. With it being low tide and the reef edges exposed, the bait fish are funnelled into the channel where your pelagics will be working and ambushing along the reef edge. Drift with the channel working points and drains with your poppers and stickbait, Best at low tide as less water for the GT’s to be working on the flats.
Sam was using a River 2 Sea dumbbell popper and we’ve had some great success with these poppers GT Fishing. Great hooks and paint quality at an affordable price.
The video starts with a small shark mackerel for starters, followed by a nice GT about 15 kilo’s and released well. Please release all GT’s. Too good to catch once.
The River 2 Sea dumbbell popper’s are great value, and would also recommend the Halco Rooster popper as a great proven lure and should be in any tackle box for GT fishing.
Warning GT fishing can get addictive and once you see a big surface strike you just want more. It makes all those casts well worth it!!
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Cheers Greg

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