How to Vertical Jigging

What is Vertical Jigging?
Explains some theories,tips,Jigging Techniques on this fishing techniques.

Quick videos on how to jigging:

Mechanical Jigging – Basic Technique:

How to jig:

How to Series 2 – Jigging techniques:

Andrew Jones explains some of his theories on fishing techniques at the Peter Pakula information evening held at the Broken Bay GFC.

Vertical Jigging – Jig Tip:

Fishing Academy (Parte 2°) – Vertical Jigging:

Deep Vertical Jigging Tactics from

Underwater Vertical Jigging Tai Kabura Jigs

See some catchs:


AJ Vertical Jigging:

Jigging Great AJ:

Big Amberjack:

29KG Amberjack


Some links:


Intoduction to Jigging – A Reference for Beginners


Jigging: A sporting chance