Incredible Fishing Video!! Incredible Great Barrier Reef fishing action!! This is an incredible fishing video with some of the best fishing action I’ve seen on the Great Barrier Reef. This is a hot fishing session on a new spot we found, which was going off on our recent mothershipping charter. We were out about 200 kilometres offshore at Eaton and Denton Reefs with charter boats Raptor II, and Centurion (Our 80ft Mothership) fishing some remote deep water shoals and bommies, and found this new fishing spot. This video shows how good the fishing can be in these remote untouched areas. We had multiple hookups on big Red Emperor, large Nannygai, huge Coral Trout and heaps more. The video starts with an amazing 5 way hook up on Red Emperor, even a double hookup to Daniel. Steve hooked a couple of fish and lost the bottom one on the Paternoster rig. The Sharks even move in and caused more Kaos. Amazing stuff landing 5 red Emperor in one drift. We even bent and broke hooks, but this can happen when using heavy braid, you don’t break your line, but terminal tackle starts to fail next.
The weather was perfect, glassing off as well just to top things off. We overfilled the esky in this mad session and we just had to stop, the fishing was incredible to say the least. These spots can be susceptible to overfishing, so pays to take it easy, luckily it was a fairly large mark, and we only fish it once or twice a year. Definately some of the best fishing action and Video I’ve seen in over 10 years of fishing the Great Barrier reef!!
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Cheers Greg
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