Jigging with new Berkley Elevator Jigs

http://www.reefari.com Jigging with the new Berkley Elevator jigs was well worthwile out on a recent fishing trip, hooking 3 absolute monsters on one shoal, Not sure what they were, but three drifts, three big hookups, and Lee was buggered, top effort. In the end the leader was too light and wore through. Lee had 60 lb leader on but with big fish and long fights, worth using heavier leader, would recommend 80 or 100 lb. Must have been either big cobia or Monster Golden Trevally. They’ll fight hard and take some stopping.
These new elevator jigs are awesome and well worth having a few in your tackle box. And well worth using in deeper water, we were fishing in about 50 metres. These new jigs are nice and heavy allowing you to fish the depths, but also have a nice articulated head joining the hook, still allowing plenty of movement with your soft plastic. Lee upgraded to a bigger hook and is well worth considering depending on your target fish and size. Well worth trying these new Berkley elevator jigs and we’ll be using them alot more.
These jigs were developed by Mark ‘The Captain’ Phillips while targeting Snapper and Kings in New Zealand and are also well suited to deepwater jigging on the Great Barrier reef.

The idea was to get Berkley Gulp Jerkshads jigs down deep quickly and still retain that deadly fluttering, wounded baitfish action and obviously works!!

The comparisons are here in Australia, with Snapper, Kings, Cobes, reefies and anything big that hangs in deep water and eats baitish will find this innovative set up hard to resist. Used in conjunction with Nitro Elevator hooks and Berkley Gulp soft plastics! these are deadly tools when you need to get a softbait down into the depths quickly.

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