Jigging Deep Reefs with Jigs, Wolf Herrings, Wogs!!

http://www.reefari.com Jigging is something you must do when fishing the deep reefs and shoals, on the Great Barrier Reef. Sea this video has a bit of everything, with River 2 Sea Jigs, Wolf herring and Even Gar on wogs. Bit of an unknown jigging technique, but the Wogs and lead heads, enable you to drop a bait down as well and work when the fish are holding deep. Knife Jigs such as the River 2 Sea are dropped to the bottom and a high speed retrieve is deadly on spanish Mackerel.
When deep sea fishing and baits aren’t working, try some jigging, a Bit of movement can save the day and can get the fish biting. A up and down, jerking technique with baits also work, and Jason’s Wolf herring Jig didn’t last long and was also smashed. More videos coming on Wogs, wolf herring and how to rig and is worth subscribing on Youtube for.
Always pays to have a bit of wire leader, only short say 10cm, and use wire assist hooks, which protects you from getting bitten off by sharp Spanish Mackerel teeth. Ian picked up a large cod from the Bottom on the reef, which was an unexpected bonus, and shows other reef fish, will grab a jig at times. We’ve even caught large blue spot coral trout!!
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Cheers Greg
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