Livebait fishing Rig for Spanish Mackerel, great fishing tips!! This Livebait fishing rig video by Ian shows an excellant rig for using with Fusiliers on the Great Barrier reef for Spanish Mackerel. Red bellied Fusiliers are in plague proportions on the reef, and are the Resident Baitfish that Spanish Mackerel, GT’s, Coral trout and heaps more feed on. So of course they make a great livebait. This rig is also great with other similar size fish such as Stripeys, Husseys, small trevally, etc, If it’s live, it’s well worth putting out under a balloon when anchored along a reef edge. Always try and have a livebait rig out under a balloon, while the rest of the gang can continue on reef fishing. It’s just a matter of sitting back and waiting.
I recommend a good quality overhead fishing reel and line, and a good lively bait. These usually can be caught quite easily on a bait jig, or with some smaller hooks and sqid, cast amongst some berly. I like to run the livebait about 20 to 30 feet below a balloon and out behind the boat. The size of the balloon will depend on the wind, In light wind conditions, a bigger balloon is needed to keep the livebait away from the boat. The sinker is a great addition and this helps keep the fish down deeper and swimming into the current.
A great livebait fishing rig with Balloon and well worth trying when reef fishing, we’ve caught a heap of spanish Mackerel on Livebait, very effective.
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