Lure challenge Xrap Magnum 20 V Rapala CD18 V JP Mungo Firestick This Lure Challenge puts three favourite lures up against each other to see what the best lure is. An interesting lure test with the Xrap Magnum 20 winning on the day, and also lost in battle in the end. These lures have been a great performer and also the Magnum Xrap 30 is a definate must have in your tackle box, and that good I would always have one in your lure spread. The amount of trips I’ve been on, and they been the gun lure, catching about twice the fish, per lure when compared to other lures. Other awesome lures are the Halco lazer pro, and RMG Scorpions.
They have great appeal and will catch fish of all species, from Mackerel to Coral trout and everything found amongst the Great barrier reef and edges. We also ran a Rapala CD18, one of the original famous Mackerel lures, and JP Mungo firestick deep divers, another awesome lure. Bit early in the mackerel season but knowing a few had been caught we thought we go for a quick troll around the nearby Keswick and St Bee Islands. First up a 17 Kg Spanish Mackerel fell to the Xrap Magnum 20 lure and we were pretty impressed. Bit more trolling and trying the local hot spots, ended up back at Singapore rock at the end of the day. Check the video out, but must have had a small mackerel on, which in turn got belted by a shark, ending up in alot of grief and hurt for me. I did the sensible thing and handed the rod over to Jason, as I am still recovering from a Spinal fusion operation. Long story short, the Shark won it’s freedom after a tense tug of war with Jason, And of course one less Magnum Xrap lure, and all on it’s first swim. Please keep an eye out for whaler shark around Singapore Rock!!
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