Max Pimped up Octo Jigs!! Awesome Jigging!! Check out these Max pimped up Octo jigs, Well worth using Octo jigs, but for better success, make sure you beef up the hooks, and put on some soft plastics such as Berkley 7″ jerkshads or 6″ Grubs. We are having some great success on our trips, and catching a wide variety of species, From Nannygai, Red emperor, coral trout, Cod and heaps more.
Make sure you beef up your hooks on the Octo jigs, We’ve had several straighten, so be warned. Use with Braid line from 30lb to 50lb is usually ideal and will stop most fish, just need to take your time.
On a few trips now with full eskies we’ve made a no bait rule, and switched to these jigs and the fish have still kept coming. Next video is a 6 way hookup on a spot called 6 way from a previous trip, pretty amazing for a spot to fire and get the same result.
Awesome stuff, awesome jigging action and check out our video how to pimp up your Octo jigs, definitely a winner and well worth giving a go in the deep water. We’re jigging deep shoals and reef patches in about 50m of water.
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Cheers Greg
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