Try Paternoster Rig with Soft Plastics!! Deep sea fishing!! Try a Paternoster rig with just Soft plastics, I’ve been using the Berkley gulp soft plastics with great success, and these have been working well on a Paternoster Rig, this enables you to get them down into the deep water, when deep sea or reef fishing. I originally was bit of a sceptic of soft plastics but have been converted and well worth a try for reef fishing. The Berkley gulp 6″ Grubs, and Squid viscious are ideal on the hooks on Your Paternoster rig. In this video I used circle hooks and the beauty is the motion of the boat rocking is enough action for the soft plastics/lures, and they will hook themselve in the corner of the mouth. It doesn’t get easier than that. We’ve caught a good variety of reef fish on these including Red Emperor, Redthroat and Grassy Sweetlip, cod, trevally, coral trout, Nannygai and heaps more.
I also used a Nitro Elevator jighead as your weight on the bottom of your Paternoster rig, This also acts as a lure working and bouncing across the bottom, although you do have to be careful you don’t get the soft plastic snagged. Normally just take up a wind or two. I got some good fish on this trip taking it easy using the soft plastics on a Paternoster rig and is well worth a try.
Check out our easy how to tie a Paternoster rig video and just use this with the Berkley gulp soft plastics. We have also been using the Plastics with Bait, this has also been very effective, making for a larger bait with Colour and more action. The soft Plastics are quite tough and harder to get off, and they’re still catching more fish once the bait is gone.
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