How to Pimp up your Octo Jigs!! Reidy Sea Bugs!! How to pimp up your Octo jigs shows how to improve your octo jigs for jigging on the deeper reefs and improve your hook up rates. Lee Brake, editor from North Queensland fish and boats magazine has been pimping his Octo jigs up with bigger hooks and Some Berkley gulp plastics with some Great Results. We were having a cracker of a fishing trip and with a full esky of reef fish, brought in a No Bait rule. The fishing didn’t slow and some quality fish came onboard still including Red Emperor, nannygai, Coral trout, Goldspot cod, trevally, and Spangled emperor to name a few. An unbelievable day jigging the Reidy Sea bugs. Check out this Video, but Lee shares some of his tips on using double split rings, a Larger Circle hook, and squid skirt with Berkley gulp 7″ Jerk shad which we cut down to fit inside the skirt. These Berkley gulp soft plastics are working a treat and I believe keep the fish biting and with the circle hook end up hooking themselves.
These Reidy sea bugs, Octo jigs are working a treat in the deeper water, we using the heavier 150 gm size in about 50 metres of water and with some great results. Well worth giving it a go next time you’re out on the reef.
It pays to use quality hooks, Lee managed a Nice big Red Emperor on the jigs, but almost straightened the hooks during the fight if you look closely in the video. The problem now is with heavier braid you end up breaking the terminal tackle, not the line, A great catch to get a Big Red on an Octo Jig and made my day. So watch your hooks, especially if using heavier 80 lb braid or more.
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