How to rig a Wog with swimming Gar( Ballyhoo) for Spanish Mackerel!! Best Bait!! A great video on how to rig a swimming gar with a wog head, Top bait for trolling for Mackerel. They’re quick and easy to rig, especially when a hot bite is on, and gives a great swimming action to a wog head. They come in various colours, Red and White would be a must have, but in this video, blue, Green all work well and didn’t last long when trolling.
Great bait, and a must have if serious when trolling for Spanish. I like to run with lures as well, and have well back in your spread. Troll about 4 to 6 knots and you can’t go wrong. We had multiple hookups in this troll and caught some nice school size spanish Mackerel.
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Cheers Greg
Make sure you check out our Spanish mackerel website and videos with more great tips. Check out your local tackleshop, and they should have a similar rig, which can be used with Gar, Ballyhoo or similar baitfish suitable for your area. Great when those big fish are being fussy and won’t hit a lure.

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