New Shipwreck Discovered with GoPro and ScoutPro Housing! 900ft (300m) Deep!

A huge congrats to Mr. Aharon “Ronnie” Sade of Yam-Yafo Ltd. for discovering a new uncharted, unknown shipwreck off the Israeli Coast.
This unidentified wreck is over 900ft deep (300m). Mr. Sade was using a GoPro and our specialized extreme depth underwater housing.
For such a fantastic discovery, is naming Mr. Sade as our Explorer of the Year.
Mr Sade’s company , Yam-yafo Ltd, is a Marine Projects & Data Providers Business.
Based in Israel and known as the local market leader for marine geographic Information services since 2011. They assist both public and private sector organizations deliver their marine responsibilities.
Again, a big congrats to Mr Sade for exploring the deep seas and discovering this shipwreck. We look forward to see more footage!

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