Spanish Mackerel fishing competition Mackay game fishing club The spanish mackerel Shootout fishing competition was on again, and reefari a keen sponsor and of course keen to put a crew together for a fish for the weekend. Fishig competitions are good fun, and great way to get keen fisherfolk out on the water for a bit of sport. The annual Spanish Mackerel shootout is run my the Mackay Game fishing club, and highlights the great Spanish Mackerel fishing Mackay has. Usually July through to September is prime Spanish mackerel time, and great fishing amongst the local islands and Whitsunday islands. Make sure you check out our other fishing videos with heaps of great how to catch these great sportsfish.

The weather forecast wasn’t the kindest unfortunately, so numbers were down, but we still had a great turnout considering. Reef fish were also available to be weighed in, so our plan was to target Spanish Mackerel and have a reef fish as well for Red Emperor, Nannygai and Coral trout.
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Sunday 31st July 2011.
The much anticipated 2011 Hitachi Spanish Mackerel Shoot-Out was contested over the weekend of 30th and 31st July. Despite the 15-20knot forecast it was still great to see 102 anglers register for the competition.
The honor of catching the biggest Spanish Mackerel this year (and $1000 cash) went to Shaun Tencate from “Team Tackleworld” who bagged himself a monstrous 30.00kg Spanish Mackerel.
The new fishing categories of Other Game Fish and Sweetlip certainly created a lot of interest this year and the 2 new divisions accounted for over half of the 48 fish weighed in. One of the highlights of the new categories was a 10.75kg Barracuda weighed in by Jeffrey Sorrell to narrowly beat Hendrik Oosthuizen’s 10.15kg Yellow Fin Tuna.
The bottom fishing section of the competition was dominated by the crew that fished on the Reefari owned boat — Raptor 2 with Graham Brake, Greg Reynolds, Ian Meads, Jason Horton and Lee Brake all featuring in the Coral Trout, Nannygai and Sweetlip categories.
Despite the low numbers of fish weighed in 2 divisions in the competition actually resulted in a tie that had to be resolved on the count back system of who actually weighed their fish in first. Graham Brake won both the count backs with his 1.55kg trout weighed in before Dave Lester to win the Heaviest Coral Trout prize and his 9kg Spanish Mackerel weighed in before Allan Colbourne to win the Spanish Mackerel mystery weight prize.
The Fisheries research team attended the weigh in sessions and showed the public how they go about their research into determining age and sex of the fish and letting the public know how they can get involved in their research activities.
A crowd of approximately 200 people attended the final weigh in and presentations held on Sunday 31st July at the Mackay Surf Club. The crowd was kept entertained with nearly $1000 in prizes given away in the mega draw a $250 rod and reel package given away to the only person that managed to hit a wheelie bin twice with a popper in the casting competition that proved quite challenging in the 15-20 knot winds.
Once again the Mackay Game Fishing Club would like to thank all of the tournament sponsors Hitachi, Nixon Communications, 2MT Mining Products, JG Centre, Reef Marine, P&H Minepro, Tackle World, Sharps Heavy Equipment Repairs, Reefari, Sea FM, Hot FM, CQMS Razer, and Bullivants for their contribution to the event and the people of Mackay that made the event the success that is has been. No doubt we will all be lining up in 2012 to do it all again.
Happy Fishing
Ian Meads
President & Weigh Master
Mackay Game Fishing Club Inc.

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