JM Figure 8 Solid Ring

JM Figure 8 Solid Ring

JM Figure 8 Solid Ring

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A 8 figured solid ring will prevent the jig from swinging to leader and cutting the leader ehile the fish is on.

Using 8 figured solid ring can simply reducing te possibility of leader being cutted by split ring when big fish is hooked.


S= 1.5mm ▪ strength rated to 250 lbs.(H=14.0 ▪ W1=5.7 ▪ W2=8.4mm)
M= 2.0mm ▪ strength rated to 350 lbs.(H=17.4 ▪ W1=7.6 ▪ W2=10.1mm)
L= 2.0mm ▪ strength rated to 400 lbs.(H=19.0 ▪ W1=8.4 ▪ W2=11.0mm)
Item Information
Size:S ▪ M ▪ L

How To Make An Assist Hook

Tying Assist cords to hooks for Tuna Jigging.

Product used:

Jigging Master 11/0 Monster Jigging Hook
Owner Solid Ring rated 900lbs size#?
Kevlar Assist Cord – 350kg

Jig is a Hot’s Drift Tune 240g Sardine

Fellow anglers, this is my first “to-do” video. Just made to help others tie their own setups and feel satisfaction from tying and catching tuna on their own customized stuff!

I eventually decided to put this length jig/cord on the SMITH Ltd. JackKnife-R 300g jig instead of the Hot’s.