How to fillet a spanish(King) mackerel

How to fillet a spanish mackerel is a quick video showing how easy it is to fillet these fish, You can trunk and steak them as well. Filleting these fish is easy and gets a great big fillet with no bones. Spanish mackerel are one great sportsfish, grow to big sizes, up to 40 kilos or more, and great eating as well.

The fish referred to in this video is called a Spanish Mackerel in Australia, or very similar to the King Mackerel in America. This filleting video is also relevant for your smaller Mackerel Species, in Australia on the Great Barrier Reef we get school, spotty, Grey, and shark mackerel just to name a few.
This footage was taken on a recent three day fishing charter on Mako, a Steber 41, and did we catch some fish. We caught 8 spanish Mackerel in 45 minutes and left them biting as we were on our way to the Great Barrier Reef. Find a school of Spanish Mackerel and can be unreal fishing action, with numerous double hookups and even losing one to the sharks.
Spanish Mackerel can be caught on all our charters from day trips, liveaboard fishing charters and our famous Reefari Hardline, Mothershipping with Raptor II to the remotest regions of the Great Barrier Reef for some awesome fishing adventure.
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Spanish mackerel can be caught by a variety of methods so pays to try different things as can be fussy at times and shut down. check out our webpage for more great info on Spanish Mackerel, or come on one of our fishing charters to get amongst the action.