Tying assist cord for jigging – ‘Pirates’ style

Method 5 – ‘Pirates’ Style: My fifth video for tying assist cord for jigs,using two hooks and a squid skirt

A method for rigging up replacement assist cord rigs for inchiku jigs (also known as pirates and a few other names). This technique is also good for metal ‘speed jigs’ if you tie the legs a little shorter.

You can use solid or hollow core assist cord for this method and the hooks can be attached using the knot of your choice. A few other knot options will be covered in one of my upcoming videos.

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Owner Super Mutu Offset Circle Hooks with Super Needle Point

These hooks have become very popular with the tuna fisherman over the past 5 years. They feature an offset hang-nail Super Needle Point for effortless hook-ups.

The 11/0 is the best size when targeting Giant Bluefin with live bluefish.




JM Figure 8 Solid Ring

JM Figure 8 Solid Ring

JM Figure 8 Solid Ring

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A 8 figured solid ring will prevent the jig from swinging to leader and cutting the leader ehile the fish is on.

Using 8 figured solid ring can simply reducing te possibility of leader being cutted by split ring when big fish is hooked.


S= 1.5mm ▪ strength rated to 250 lbs.(H=14.0 ▪ W1=5.7 ▪ W2=8.4mm)
M= 2.0mm ▪ strength rated to 350 lbs.(H=17.4 ▪ W1=7.6 ▪ W2=10.1mm)
L= 2.0mm ▪ strength rated to 400 lbs.(H=19.0 ▪ W1=8.4 ▪ W2=11.0mm)
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