Trap Fishing for Cuttlefish (1996)

Learn about how Hastings fishermen were able to start up a sustainable and environmentally friendly trap fishery for cuttlefish by using French-style traps.

Made with the co-operation of the skippers and crews of:
and Denis Ourselin, St. Malo, France

Seafish would also like to thank NFFO, Hastings Fishermen’s Protection Society, Hastings Sea Life Centre, Yorkshire Crab Pot Company, IFREMER

Additional cuttlefish footage supplied by Survival Anglia Ltd.

Originally made in analogue S-VHS at 4×3 aspect.

Executive Producer: K Arkley
©Sea Fish Industry Authority 1996

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Perfect for ROCK fishes at SLOW JIGGING / SeaRideV, BlueBlue

Effective methods for SLOW JIGGING! The LATEST Japanese jigging technique, utilizing jig’s FALLING action.
The main usage of SeaRideV with knotting into tail eyelet(knotting into opposite eyelet to SeaRide eyes).
With movie of swimming action, Explaining how SeaRideV can be moved effectively, how it falls and slides in the water.

Utilizing the Entire Fish

There’s a whole lot of meat left on the fish after you’ve whacked the fillets off, so don’t throw your fish heads & frames away, as that’s where you’ll find the sweetest meat! Try it out for yourself, and if you’re not convinced, don’t throw them away, just go to and you’ll find someone who would love to collect them from you.
Utilization = Conservation

Light Jigging in KK

Published on Jun 19, 2013

Team Shimano went fishing in Kota Kinabalu with our latest Jigwrex LJ rods with semilong stinger butterfly jigs. KK did not disappoint as we scored groupers galore!

We are planning a series of tutorial videos, eg: Tying FG knot, rigging your jigs etc. If there are any specific topics you are interested in, please leave it in the comments below. Cheers!