Underwater trial2

Underwater video showing three types of vertical jigs: the inchiku, the tai-kabura and the knife jig. The tai-kabura and inchiku are excellent jigs for bottom dwellers such as black seabass, snappers, groupers, flounders,halibuts,.etc. The Tai-kabura is typically fished the slowest. The inchiku is the most versatile out of the three. It can be fished slower but when retrieved fast, the inchiku looks

Vertical Jigging Inchiku – Underwater footage of a strike


Underwater footage from THEJIGHQ.COM of an amberjack (Seriole) striking an inchiku (Waki Marugo Namari 140gr). Filmed in 110ft off Port Saint Lucie FL. The inchiku was less than 2 feet from the camera. Despite the bulkiness of the camera, fish didn’t relly seem to mind. Despite the inchiku not being jigged properly, it definitely attracted fish.
Inchiku/Tai-kabura and knife jigs available at www.TheJigHQ.com