Winga investigates how climate change and global warming is both challenging and benefiting Australian Recreational fishers. Discussion points central to this video are the increasing power of the East Australian Current (EAC) and species Range shift, in particluar marlin moving further south in the EAC each year. The YFTV crew head out onto Bass Strait Victoria to look for signs of change, an experiment that goes wonderfully right when they hook not one, but two marlin in Victorian waters. The future is looking bright for the fishers of Vic and Tas.


YouFishTV undertakes its grandest mission yet. To find and hook and Victorian Marlin, a species very rarely seen or caught in this predominantly cold part of the world. Watch how they use satellite imaging technology and good old fashioned fishing nouse to hunt out one of the biggest fishing moments any of them have ever been involved in. This video epitomizes what YouFishTV is all about. It explores the full range of human emotion and shows exactly what can be be achieved by anyone who believes in themselves