Rapala X Rap Magnum 30, Best fishing lure!!

http://www.reefari.com The Rapala X Rap Magnum 30 would have to be one of the best lures ever, Definately the 20 and 30 would be one of my favourites. Always have one of these lures in your trolling Spread. The amount of fish I’ve caught trolling on the Reef is Phenomenal on these lures, and they will outfish other lures up to three to one for some reason. Just a great action and also good quality construction and hooks. Just a great lure and I can’t rave on enough about these. The only negative is the $30 pricetag in Australia, Why so much? when there half the price overseas, and alot of other lures are only $20? Who knows but they do work. In this video is the Red/White combo, great colour and great for Spanish, and always pays to run this colour combo as well, even if another lure brand. I’m also very keen on Halco lazer pros, also another top lure. More videos coming with this one in Action.

The Rapala Magnum Xrap comes in 20 & 30 for various depths, with the 30 lure slightly larger and diving up to 30 feet. Make sure you keep an eye on the sounder when trolling to prevent losing your lure in the coral. But if close to the bottom, the odd bonus is Coral trout will also come up and smash a lure, and that’s always a great bonus for the table. Look for a reef with a deep defined edge, this holds the bait up along the edge and less places for the bait to hold. Look for bait and lots of fish life, birds, and the bigger predatory Trevally, Tuna and Mackerel won’t be far away.
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Cheers Greg

This was just 30 seconds into the Troll on our recent mothershipping Charter with Steve catching a nice Sharky Mackerel. Normally there are plenty of mackerel along the Reef edge and is always worth a troll. Great sport and great eating fresh. Check out our website for more information on the ultimate long range fishing charter on the great Barrier Reef at