How to find fish on the Great Barrier Reef This fishing video shows some great fishing tips on how to find fish on a reef, more specifically the Great Barrier reef. Although this tip will help in numerous other locations, and is one of the most basic rules of fishing. The number one rule is to look for life, and Fusiliers, full name is red bellied fusiliers, and are one of the best signs, These are the base fish of the Great Barrier reef and school up in there thousands along the reef edge, and provide the base food supply for the many Coral reef dwellers and Pelagics such as Mackerel and Giant trevally. Other Baitfish schools, are worth looking out for, without food, you’ll find the larger predators and reef fish, will be elsewhere.
A term you’ll here is a dead reef, Meaning no life, and fishing these areas will be a total waste of time, Look for life, good current flow, Birds feeding, Fusiliers feeding on the surface, tuna and mackerel schools working. Keep an eye out for these things and you’ll soon get a feel for a reef, and which parts of the reef are holding fish. I’ve dived some of these spots and there’s no fish, no life, for whatever reason, and you’ll struggle to find a legal sized fish, while other areas are teeming with life, and huge numbers of fish. It pays to keep a good lookout and be prepared to move to find fish.
These schools can be quite large and will extend for hundreds of metres along a reef, or will hold on certain bommies and points, feeding into the current. These areas are great as Mackerel, and Trevally schools will also be in the area looking for a weak or sick fish and an easy feed. The beauty is also coral trout, Redthroat sweetlip, emperor and heaps more are waiting below for an easy feed. Spanish and shark mackerel will attack these schools of baitfish, and the scraps, remains drift down for an easy feed. Check out coral trout when you go diving next, they normally hang around the coral, looking up and that’s why, They’re relatively lazy.
These fishing tips will work anywhere on the Great barrier reef from Hervey bay to Cairns and further north, so well worth a try. So work these areas in a multitude of ways from Baitfishing, Trolling, working poppers, and even jigging. It was whilst trolling this area and we had stopped, a large school of Spanish mackerel was sighted under the boat, A metal jig was quickly cast out and let sink, a high speed retrieve and another Spanish mackerel was caught, tagged and release. Here we did some more trolling and come across some good numbers of small spanish Mackerel, nothing huge but once again we got some good points for the Game fishing comp and had some fun.
Always look for defined points and deep water/ledges with baitfish, they’re normally always be some pelagic fish nearby. Good luck and tight lines.
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Fishing Video – Reef fishing 4 Way Hookup!! This fishing video shows a great 4 way hookup on ther Great Barrier Reef, an Awesome sight, seeing 4 rods hooked up on a hot bite and a hot spot. Awesome video and awesome big fish with Red Emperor, Nannygai, Spangled emperor and even a big cod.
It pays never to give up, and the fishing was a bit slow, but always keep moving and looking for new spots and this paid off with some new marks found out wide on our mothershipping fishing charter fishing wide off Mackay. These marks are along way out about 200 kilometres and the quality of the reef fishing makes the effort worthwhile to get to these remote areas.
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Spearfishing – Massive Bluespot Coral Trout!!

An awesome day out at Stevens Reef, with a bit of reef fishing and Spearfishing, off Mackay on the Great Barrier Reef! We pulled up on one of our favourite spots and one of the first fish caught was a nice 7.5 kg Bluespot Coral trout which was also 75cm in length. New fishing Regulations now mean all Bluespot coral trout over 80cm have to be released, so pays to remember this if you get a true monster, our best is 14 & 15 kilogram fish. Truly a fish of a lifetime. With Anthony onboard, an excellant Spearfisherman, the guys went in spearing. The haul of top quality coral trout continued as well as several more Bluespot coral trout up to 5kilos. Larni, got harassed by a big Hammerhead and cut his spear and trevally off and went over and saw Anthony for support, Hammerhead followed and saw Anthony’s nice Coral trout and taxed that as well. Exciting stuff, and glad I was in the boat, Hammerhead shark’s can get Feisty!! Enjoy the footage with some real nice trout taken spearfishing,
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Incredible Fishing Video!! Incredible Great Barrier Reef fishing action!! This is an incredible fishing video with some of the best fishing action I’ve seen on the Great Barrier Reef. This is a hot fishing session on a new spot we found, which was going off on our recent mothershipping charter. We were out about 200 kilometres offshore at Eaton and Denton Reefs with charter boats Raptor II, and Centurion (Our 80ft Mothership) fishing some remote deep water shoals and bommies, and found this new fishing spot. This video shows how good the fishing can be in these remote untouched areas. We had multiple hookups on big Red Emperor, large Nannygai, huge Coral Trout and heaps more. The video starts with an amazing 5 way hook up on Red Emperor, even a double hookup to Daniel. Steve hooked a couple of fish and lost the bottom one on the Paternoster rig. The Sharks even move in and caused more Kaos. Amazing stuff landing 5 red Emperor in one drift. We even bent and broke hooks, but this can happen when using heavy braid, you don’t break your line, but terminal tackle starts to fail next.
The weather was perfect, glassing off as well just to top things off. We overfilled the esky in this mad session and we just had to stop, the fishing was incredible to say the least. These spots can be susceptible to overfishing, so pays to take it easy, luckily it was a fairly large mark, and we only fish it once or twice a year. Definately some of the best fishing action and Video I’ve seen in over 10 years of fishing the Great Barrier reef!!
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Giant Trevally Fishing with River 2 Sea Dumbell Popper 200 Steve does battle with a nice Giant Trevally caught on a River 2 Sea Dumbell Popper on our recent mothershipping Charter to the great Barrier Reef from Mackay, Queensland. This was a great GT pushing 20 Kilo’s landed on 80lb Braid and a Tuff tackle Diablo 1000 spinning reel, and gave him a good workout. Giant Trevally are the Bulldozers of the Reef and takes some serious tackle to stop them.
The River 2 Sea dumbell poppers are a great lure, and perfect for targeting Giant trevally, with a great surface action which suit the surface feeding nature of GT’s. When working your popper, you want a nice regular bloop bloop action with plenty of noise and splash to help attract and stir the GT up in a freeding fenzy. The Surface strikes are spectacular and that’s what keeps you coming back for more. Sensational stuff.
The River 2 Sea company has a great range of Stickbaits and poppers, with the Dumbell 200 claiming to be the king of poppers, the dumbell 200 is the largest in the range of surface bloopers and a weight of 110gms, fish with one and you will know why. Weighted with casting distance in mind, the popper is constructed with hard wood, achieving excellent buoyancy and as a big fish popper it is fitted with VMC trebles and extra heavy duty split rings. Wood poppers can handle the Abuse of Big GT strikes and don’t crack/fill with water like some plastic poppers. Plus always great to see the teethmarks and show the battle scars after a few giant Ulua battles. The lure sits vertically in the water and with a slight flick of the rod tip, the popper moves forward allowing its huge concaved head to spray a large volume of water forward resulting in a very loud bloop noise. Keep it up as also is great for a wide range of species including all of the trevally species and others such as Queenfish, Dolphin Fish, and even coral trout and mackerel. They also come in a smaller 110mm and 150m size, depending on the size of the Ulua you’re chasing. Great quality popper and well worth having in your tackle box.
Other River 2 Sea stickbaits and poppers worth having a look at are the Rover 230, Bubble Pop 130 and Bubble Walker. They also a doggie stickbait, which would also be great for Giant trevally.
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Awesome Fishing Video, Big Red Emperor Fish Boom!! More awesome fishing video action with a multiple big Red Emperor hookups!! The reef fishing was a bit slow and the call was made to go and find some new fishing ground. This was bit of a gamble going wide into further unknown areas, and can be either fish boom or bust. Luckily we got fish boom and found a red hot spot. More video on the full session coming soon, but this was just one hot drift, and four big Reds and a large Coral trout came up. I’ve seen some great fishing, but this was pretty special. You just don’t see those numbers of Reds in one drift and everyone was blown away.
We filled the esky in an hour and just had to stop, we were catching too much. Hard to take on me, but we had to stop.
check out our Mothershipping videos on this awesome area some 200 kilometres offshore of Mackay, Queensland, Australia.
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Deep Sea Fishing Video Queensland Big 4 & 5 way hookups!! More great fishing video action targetting the deep reefs in the coral Sea off Mackay Queensland. 4 & 5 way hookups were common with big Quality reef fish coming onboard. This was day three of our recent mothershipping charter to the outer Great Barrier reef some 200 kilometres offshore. Reefari’s specialty is targeting these deep reefs and shoals out in the coral sea, and relatively unfished and the video action shows. Big fish, 4 & 5 way hookups, Spanish

Fishing Australia’s Best on the Great Barrier Reef Adventure Day 2 This fishing Australia video shows some of the best fishing I’ve seen on the Great Barrier reef from Mackay Queensland. Day 2 was awesome and highlights some of the great fishing action you’ll see on one of our mothershipping Adventures to some of the remotest regions of the Great barrier reef to the northern end of the Swains. Day 1 was insane, and Day 2 was even better with heaps more quality reef fish, the large spanish mackerel esky was full by 10am, and we also got several mackerel and a GT in the boat before Lunch, Now that’s a top morning fishing. I’ve travelled and fish quite alot around Australia, Up Cape York, across Northern Territory and even Western Australia, but the quality and Variety of fishing in this video is hard to beat anywhere. Make sure you read the following fishing report for Day 2, and check out our great value Mothershipping charters on the northern Swains reef, about 200 kilometres from Mackay marina,
Day two: It was Back to Incredible for starters, and was still firing or the Blue team, and a good score onboard, with more Nanny’s and Reds quickly mounted, It’s hard to take, It was time again to head wide and hunt for more new fishing marks. Part of the thrill is now finding news ground and Marks, and we were scoring big time. We headed wider into the unknown and came across more mind blowing Red country. You’ve heard of the Green Mile, Well we found the Red mile, Fishing paradise with the perfect fishing drift, a ridge about one nautical mile long covered in Reds, Nannygai and Trout, not to mention Big Rocks and bommie’s and fish everywhere. The first drift seemed forever and the fish just kept coming, so we kept drifting. The esky filled up once again and it was time to call it quits. The Red Mile!! Now that’s reef fishing, and top video action. With still a couple of hours to go before heading back to the mothershipping, the guys were keen for a troll of the Reef. So why not, Just a quick 10 min run back to the reef edge and lures were quickly deployed. As usual the local Mackerel hooligans, quickly jumped on and a few Shark Mackerel and Small Spanish Mackerel landed. Steve was keen throwing Poppers off the bow, and another great way to work the reef edge finding the Local GT Population. It was round the next point when Steve got smashed, and got a great workout on 80lb braid and tuff tackle reel, and one poor River 2 Sea Dumbell Popper. These GT’s take some stopping and was eventually bullied along side. After a few quick happy snaps we were about to revive him and give a little tow, but he didn’t want a part of it. The GT was rather annoyed, and quickly bolted back home to the reef. They’re a tuff fish, and just another amazing insight into what the reef can offer, Lunch was calling and we headed back to the mothership very impressed indeed. Another amazing session and Scoreboard was looking good for the blues. Some great Reds, but with 75cm about the best, Michaels lead was looking good.
The Maroons, came out firing and fished hard, they put plenty of nice fish in the esky, with numerous Reds averaging around the 75cm mark, More Nannygai and donated quite a few to the sharks as well. A frisky Hammerhead also gave Michaels Red Emperor a race to the boat, and a lovely kiss, leaving three distinct teethmark in one unlucky fish. Spectacular stuff with the shark giving the spectators a farewell splash at the side of the boat. They fished hard and still more reds averaging 75cm’s, and more largemouth Nannygai. The sharks were around and An epic tug of war and three anglers later, one big sorry Whaler was briefly brought alongside, before being dismissed. More big reds, with Larry’s pushing 80cm and just short of Michaels fish, for the prize, A Couple of horse Nannygais, and another full esky, everybody was happy, apart from the judge, your truly, having to give round two to the Blues.
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Centurion fishing charter with Reefari, mothershipping the Great Barrier Reef, Day 1!! This fishing video shows some awesome Great Barrier Reef action with Centurion Fishing charters and Reefari. The fishing was phenomenal, and it’s just some of the highlights of day 1 out on the reef, The following is the report about this amazing fishing trip, day 1;

MV Centurion from Centurion Fishing charters and cruises was our 80ft mother ship and home for the next few days and nights, a big comfortable base with all the comforts of home, Air conditioning and plenty of ice cold refreshments. It doesn’t get better than this, and then there’s the fishing, this is living!!
Our Destination was Trogibee, and Eaton/Denton Reefs some 80 to 100 nautical miles offshore, Almost double that too convert to kilometres and we’re just scratching the surface of this remote northern reaches commonly referred to the Swains. A massive reef system with hundreds of reefs and bommies, and alot also uncharted. The Grass is definitely Greener when you’re this far out, being out of the range of most trailer boats, except for the odd Long Range charter boat, or pro live trout fisherman. The plot thickens, and this is where Raptor II comes into her own. Wouldn’t you love to turn back time and see what fishing was like 50 years ago, Well that’s what happens. Reefari’s speciality is targeting these remote deep water shoals, uncharted and Unfished. Remote, isolated and so small it takes pinpoint fishing to a new level, and the results speak for themselves, Read on,
Fishing video Day 1: Did I mention the forecast, with a beautiful sunrise and glass seas, Waking up on the reef in a protected anchorage really is something. The guys were keen, with some screaming runs and a broken rod to Sydney’s Steve, it wasn’t his greatest start, but luckily he had a couple spare. Plenty of laughs at his expense, and the guys were pumped. The charter had a varied mob from all over, A group from Sydney, Townsville, Emerald, and a few locals as well. The Fishing State of Origin began, as well as the Biggest Red Comp, to make things interesting. The Maroons were the first shift, and we headed south and wide, a quick 15 min run and we were in fishing Nirvana. The grounds look good, fished showed well on the Furuno FCV 585 and everybody was ready with rods baited. First drop and a legal size coral trout came onboard, and another bigger one followed, but this wasn’t what we were after, A slow start and even some unwanted Grinner ended onboard. Not the Chaos we expected!! We fished and worked hard some of the legendary spots from Last years mother shipping trip, and a good mixed bag resulted, with several large Nannygai’s, Reds and coral trout. PE Tackles reef flies were also being used by the Townsville boys, and also with mixed results, Mick was pretty happy with his, as he set the benchmark for the trip and a Corker 84 cm Red Emperor on a green goblin fly. The fishing was good, but a bit disappointing to be honest, Normally you’d be over the moon with this catch, But I Knew there was more!! Back on the mothership, August is a great time for Spanish Mackerel and they were around in good numbers on the reef edge, The guys were cleaning up on the back deck of Centurion floating out unweighted pilchards.
The Blues turn, and time for a game change, Head North East and try some other marks and shoals. Weather was great, but the fishing slow, Dead Slow and the marks were shut down. I was really scratching my head, and the clients were a bit stunned, That’s when you dig deep and take bit of a gamble, we went for Fish Boom or Bust. Sometimes it pays to head out in the blue Yonder and search for new ground, It’s a double edged sword, Results can be legendary, or devastating, Luckily we hit Legendary Status, and found a mark that was Hot, Red Hot, we called it Incredible, and definately was some of the most Incredible fishing I’ve see, First Drift over this hump, about the size of a basketball court ended up with 4 Red emperor and a Quality Bar Cheek Coral Trout and we were back!! Next Drift five Reds and Nannygai, and it just didn’t let up . The next hour was mindblowing and the Esky full. It’s times like these you’ve just gotta stop, We had to leave them biting and the scoreboard was Blue 1, Maroon 0.
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